The global crisis of the Coronavirus disease has been the bane to businesses and organizations all across the world. It’s not only in terms of providing the best services but also in terms of obtaining customer feedback and surveys. Before the lockdown was announced along with strict measures of social distancing, it was possible to get your customer satisfaction surveys by meeting them directly both individually and in groups.

Since a lot of business work depends on the digital world, customer feedback can now be obtained through customer survey software. It can be used to conduct contactless customer surveys and obtain proper feedback too. With the help of certain methods of collecting customer feedback like text messages and social media platforms, it’s now possible to obtain contactless customer feedback’s especially during the time of social distancing.

7 of the Best Ways of Obtaining Contactless Customer Feedback and Surveys

SMS Surveys: This is the easiest possible method of obtaining contactless customer feedback. Especially for those who are not too active on the internet, SMS surveys can be a great way to get their opinion on the products and services offered by the companies. All you have to do is create a simple and easy-to-take one-click survey and send them to each customer on their phones through SMS. This way the company gets to know what their strengths are and what needs to be improved.

E-mail Surveys: Due to the global crisis, mailing has become an integral part of our daily work schedule. It also helps in conducting contactless customer surveys via mail and obtaining feedback through them. Therefore, companies can now use the feedback app to create one-click surveys and send them to their customers. In this way, they can come to know about their customers’ opinions.

Anonymous Feedback Surveys: People usually avoid taking surveys that tend to gather their details like name, gender, and age. But it has been observed that customers are more likely to take surveys that do not demand their personal details. As a result, they are more likely to take those surveys and offer uninhibited and honest feedback. This not only helps companies to realize their actual flaws and faults but also makes them improve their services for their customers in the future.

Personal Links: Another great way of taking absolutely honest and unadulterated surveys are through personal links. These links are clumped only to specific recipients and can be used just once by the customer. Thus, it helps in gaining uncontaminated, honest feedback’s from the customer.

Social Media: Social media is the biggest platform in today’s time that lets companies reach out to a greater audience. Through social media surveys on Facebook, Instagram, etc. the visibility of the product or the service gets automatically increased and also ensures that a bunch of people are taking the survey. Hence, through a couple of questions, companies get to know what customers think about their product and whether they recommend it to others.

Website Feedback: When it comes to business and marketing of your products and services, the look and structure of your website play a major role in attracting an audience. Thus, it is very important to choose how your website must be structured to make it easy for customers to surf through and use it in easy and simple ways. That is why website feedback’s from your customers must be obtained through online links or forms to get their honest opinions on how their experience is while using the site.

QR Codes: Companies can now generate QR codes for their customers in order for them to take contactless customer surveys and provide their feedback for the betterment of the companies’ services. This can help in increasing the number of survey takers and helps your company to be more specific towards your target audience. These surveys can also help small and big companies to form a detailed and comprehensive report on the feedback of their customers.


The whole world might be at a standstill but it is absolutely necessary for certain companies to keep these customer feedbacks coming in so as to increase their revenue, growth, and customer retention capacity. Due to social distancing, companies can now conduct contactless customer surveys and even receive feedback with the help of these above-mentioned methods. Thus, do not hold back on your customer satisfaction surveys and use these 7 best ways to obtain absolutely contactless feedback from your customers about your products and services even during the lock-down for better customer experience