SMS marketing can boast some untouchable numbers when it comes to open and response rates. With an amazing 98% of all text messages getting opened, compared to just 22% of emails – there really is no doubt that if you want to send your customers a message, the best way is via an SMS text message.

And when it comes to retail, SMS marketing is the perfect way to market your shop or website. They work together seamlessly to boost sales, build brand awareness, customer retention and help build and develop your small retail business into a huge worldwide brand.

So to the six ways that SMS marketing can help your retail business

1. Text customers with your special offers – Do you regularly have sales and offers on? The let your customers know by text! With SMS marketing you can virtually guarantee that your message will be read, so let them know that you have a sale on, when it finishes, how they can take advantage of it and most importantly how much they can save.

2. Purchase and delivery information – When a customer makes a purchase, send them a message to say thank you. Then let them know when their item is to be delivered – going that extra mile with customer service always pays off.

3. Get more store visits – Sometimes getting customers through the door is the toughest task, so text your customers an offer that can only be used in store.

4. New stock and products landed – Keep your customers updated if you have new ranges or products in, let your customers know – send them a link or get them to come in store.

5. SMS loyalty programs – Customers like to feel special, and by sending them exclusive offers by text message – you will certainly make them feel special. So start an SMS loyalty program and allow customers to sign up – word will soon spread.

6. SMS surveys – Feedback is always important, it’s a great way to discover what you are good at and where you can improve. So after a purchase, send your customers an SMS survey and see what they think of you.

So if you are retailer or have an online website, give SMS marketing a go, your customers will love it and I am sure you will soon start to see the benefits.

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Source: Text Marketer