In the global race to drive innovation and corner different pieces of the market, many companies value pushing forward aggressively, rather than refining techniques and analyzing what impact different behaviors, strategies, and initiatives have on their ability to stay relevant and competitive. But as the role of the CIO becomes increasingly important, it will become equally as necessary to determine what techniques actually facilitate change, and which are just holding organizations back.

IT-Driven Business Innovation

From HBR:

“CIOs who are focused on IT-driven business innovation tend to have six traits in common, according to new research by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services. These CIOs are helping their companies achieve significant business benefits and, in turn, are surging ahead of their competitors. The HBR research pulled from surveys of more than 400 business leaders around the world — found that companies pursuing IT-enabled business innovation as a core strategy are fundamentally changing how they engage with customers, launch new products, and more.”

HBR’s findings are detailed in the below infographic. Learn more about successful CIO behaviors by downloading the full report, Business Transformation and the CIO Role, here.