Content creation isn’t rocket science, but that’s not to say it doesn’t involve just as much effort and thought most times. Back in the day when copywriters carefully crafted the headline and 100 word body copy, they poured hours and hours in to conceiving the idea and fitting it in to the painstakingly created design. Little did they know that a couple of years down the line, they’d have to do 10x the work in 1/10th the time.

Today, brands are expected to be communicating multiple times a day on social media. It’s often forgotten that it still takes that much time to create the content, let alone measure performance! It’s a tough life being a creative team in 2015!

We’ve put together an all-inclusive 5 step guide to creating holiday content for social media. You can now create great social media campaigns and also back it up with data to make sure it performs great.