There is an ongoing debate about the validity of blogging for business. Today there are so many other trending forms of content such as podcasts, video campaigns, infographics and Slideshare’s that many people question whether blogging is still important.

Do you think blogging is still important to the success of your business?

I certainly do. In fact, the irony of writing a blog post about the death of blogging always amuses me. Blogging is far from dead, it is still a crucial element in boosting the visibility of your website. I decided to jot down a few points about why I think blogging is still important for businesses. Here is what I came up with (backed by some cool stats)

1. Search engines love your blog

Why do search engines love your blog?

Because blogs give them so many chances to figure out what your website, and each page on it is all about. By including ‘long-tail keywords’ in your blog content, you predict what your customers will type into search engines and improve your chance of appearing on the first page in a search query.

2. Social networks crave blog content

After search engines, social media delivers the most traffic to websites. If you write highly engaging content that people want to share on social media you will drive a significant spike in your website traffic. Have a look at the screenshot below of a post I wrote here at Business 2 Community. It has been shared over 2,000 times on social media! Imagine the traffic spike from that post alone.

B2C Blog Social Shares

Pure web traffic is not always a good thing unless you can convince those readers to do something more meaningful; be that a social share, comment, email sign-up or purchase. That is why it is essential to optimise your blog posts with call-to-actions.

Here is a nice post with ‘15 Call-To-Actions for Blog Posts I found over at Writtent.

Also if you use WordPress, I recommend getting the calls-to-action plugin from ‘Inbound Now’ – it will help you convert more traffic into leads.

3. Helpful blog content drip feeds quality leads into your sales funnel

A sales rep is only contacted after a customer has independently completed 60% of the purchasing decision process. (Source)

Your goal when running a business blog should be to provide helpful content to your customers at every stage of their sales journey. Whenever your potential customers have a question about your product or service, and they type that question into Google, wouldn’t it be great if you had written a blog post to answer it for them?

An example of this is to write a blog post that compares your product or service to a competitor. Your average customer who is researching a purchase decision will value this type of information, but be careful not to over-sell your side of the equation. Be objective and it will build trust with your customer.

Business Blogging Case Study

I urge you to read the Groove HQ blog if you get a chance, it is the perfect example of successful blog marketing. It proves the value of blogging for business growth and delivering quality leads into your sales funnel, check out this post to see what I mean;

The ROI of Blogging – Groove HQ

4. A successful blog saves you money on traditional marketing techniques.

Outbound marketing costs on average 2.7 times inbound marketing per lead. (Source)

Outbound marketing techniques, such as pay-per-click advertising, assume that to get people’s attention you need to pay for it. Inbound marketing flips that assumption on its head. Instead of exchanging money for people’s attention you exchange valuable content that solves their challenges. This content requires an investment of time, not money.

Every time one of your customers reads or shares the content you provide, you place a trust deposit. The more deposits you place, the higher the trust, and the less work you need to do to convince those customers to buy your product or service. With paid advertising, once you stop paying, people stop listening. But with inbound marketing you build a castle of content that accrues value over time.

Helpful content creates trust. This trust then becomes the cornerstone for customer advocacy.

Your blog is one of the easiest ways to provide helpful content to your customers.

5. High quality blog content helps you stand out from your competition as an expert.

“You can’t be a thought leader without being a writer” – Ann Handley

Creating a reputation for your brand that commands authority in its field requires a number of factors to be in alignment. Perhaps the most important of these factors is your ability to write high quality content backed by original ideas, research and practice.  Your blog is the perfect channel for distributing this thought leadership content and increasing your credibility. In fact thought leadership is one of the top reasons companies choose to blog. (Source)

I created an infographic of the above blog post from Bluewire Media below;

Why Blogging Matters to Your Business
This infographic was originally published at Blogger Sidekick.

My Verdict

Blogging isn’t dead, it is just getting harder.

Your readers have an exorbitant amount of choice for what they read, and it is extremely easy to get lost in that noise. Therefore it’s never been more important to create fantastic blog content. If you consistently create high quality blog content you will;

  • Develop a lasting relationship with page one of Google
  • Maintain a full sales funnel
  • Be a rock star on social networks (and get the added web traffic as a result)
  • Save money on expensive outbound marketing campaigns
  • Build authority in your industry

Is blogging still a big part of your marketing strategy?