Going to an interview is nerve wracking. No matter how many times you’ve done then and especially if it’s that dream job you’ve been after, they can simply be a challenge. There’s a very good chance you may be juggling things before your interview so you may not end up getting the chance to sit and reflect, collect your thoughts and prepare your answers in advance.

Of course there are the basics that I hope everyone is doing beforehand: researching the company, knowing the job description as well as possible and being in the mind frame to ace the interview. In case you haven’t had the time to practice interview questions and answers, here’s a 5-minute guide for acing an interview. It has questions that you should be asking an interviewer, points that you could contribute and questions you should practice for before going in.

The thing with interviews is that they really should be a two-way street. Too often, candidates are either too scared or too desperate to hold an actual conversation with an interviewer. I guarantee, if you break away from being intimidated, and talk to them, the interviewer will remember you. It’s one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd. So use this infographic to prepare for your next interview – it’ll only take 5 minutes. Be confident when you go in and prove to the people in front of you that you can add value to their organization.