Ever sat through a presentation where the speaker found connecting with the audience difficult?

The presenter may have prepared an engaging pitch, developed the most interactive PowerPoint deck, and possessed all the great presentation skills in the world. However, it would have been all for nothing if he lacked something basic: ethics.

First, let’s define the term. Ethics is a set of guiding principles that help people figure out what is right from wrong. Since everyone wants to appear credible and professional, exercising both discipline and attitude is needed to achieve them.

However, these two are often overlooked by presenters who think having a good set of skills is enough to bring them to the top. Before you mistakenly make this assumption, remember that your personal and professional growth is at stake. Even your presentation’s success may be on the line if you don’t respect your audience and communicate with credibility.

So what should you do to prevent your audience from perceiving you in any undesirable ways?

Be Your Own Drill Sergeant

Nobody can excel at their work without going through strict training and practical assessments. You may have experienced this rigorous process throughout your time as a student, but you don’t have to stop there. Why not take this a step further and seek inspiration from an institution famous for building discipline in young people? Of course, we’re talking about training camps.

In these kinds of camps, trainers are famous for projecting authority and sharing their expertise with fresh recruits. This lets them transform even the newest and most anxious men and women into the best possible individuals they can be.

Their key secret is knowing exactly how developing their abilities requires discipline and a good attitude. The same thing goes for presentations. Regularly evaluating yourself and observing how well you’re doing are vital for your success.

Be your own trainer and push yourself further toward self-improvement. A strict regimen lets you avoid damaging your image and putting an end to your career. However, don’t go overboard and push yourself past the limit. Being ethical means doing what is right. Taking it for granted might deflate your credibility and weaken your authority. Remember the Golden Rule: treat your audience the way you want to be treated.

Here’s an infographic to help you increase your credibility and embrace discipline like a trainer.

Tips to Increase Your Credibility as a Speaker