TikTok is the hottest social media platform of the moment, while Instagram is the most engaging one. But what about Facebook – still the largest social network in 2021?

Truth be told, despite TikTok’s shining aura and Instagram’s many popular features, like Stories or Reels, Facebook is still a powerful platform for marketing endeavors. After all, it is the social network towards which most of the paid advertising budget goes to.

And another reason for which communicators still rely heavily on Facebook for marketing purposes is, of course, its effectiveness in driving traffic towards a business’s website, an ability that cannot be surpassed by any other social media platform so far.

Therefore, it is in any brand’s interest to make wise use of Facebook’s potential for marketing and have a well-thought activity on the platform and actions based on a strategy.

But how can brands that are at the beginning of their social media journey create a solid Facebook marketing strategy for their businesses?

Let’s quickly go over the 4 most important tactics for creating a solid Facebook strategy, shall we?

  • Set your Facebook goals

Depending on your business objectives, you may have different Facebook goals in different periods. But what is most important about goals is to make sure you define them as SMART – which stands for smart, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based.

  • Diversify your Facebook content

While in 2021, albums deliver the highest engagement rates on Facebook, videos are also a type of content that performs well, and that is slightly catching up. What is certain is that you must do a lot of testing to discover the miraculous formula for your brand.

  • Make the most out of all the Facebook tools available

From analytics tools to other auxiliary tools like Facebook groups, whether it’s for social listening or for helping you quickly reply to your fans, make sure you don’t miss out on what the use of these tools can bring for your business.

  • Determine your Facebook ads strategy

Your content may be great, but ads will always be a way to help you extend your brand awareness even further. And especially if your competitors are doing ads, you should not disregard paid advertising and let them gain a great competitive advantage.

Here’s an infographic that highlights all the ideas of this article.

Here is an infographic showing how to create a Facebook marketing strategy