Did you know you can increase your email open rates by deleting subscribers from your list?

That’s right. Brian Moran’s Get10kFans newsletter open rates went from 5% to 20% after deleting over 100,000 subscribers. That means they are getting more opens with a smaller list!

Their approach worked because they only deleted subscribers who weren’t opening their emails. After getting rid of this “dead weight”, their deliverability rates went higher too – meaning that more of their emails landed in the inbox instead of, for example, in the spam folder.

This is just one of a few case studies where people have increased their open rates I’m going to show you now:

3 Instant Ways To Boost Your Email Open Rates

1. About 40% of Time magazine’s huge audience of 650,000 subscribers are opening their every email newsletter issue. That’s a big jump from 17%, where they were before.

One of the biggest changes Time did was to their subject lines: Before, they were referring to multiple stories in their subject lines and ending them with “and more”. You would think highlighting multiple topics would get a lot of people interested? In actuality, focused subject lines with just one topic highlighted worked much better for Time. It seems that people don’t read subject lines like they read magazine covers – if there’s no focus, there’s no attention.

2. Your first email is also your first chance to get your subscribers used to opening your emails. What would you say if you could get 104% of your subscribers to open that email?

Unbelieviable, yes. But that’s exactly what Joanna Wiebe did with Neil Patel’s newsletter.

This is the subject line Joanna Wiebe used: “BOOM! This is how you get traffic… and convert it”

It gets your attention (with the “BOOM!”). And it’s very relevant to the subscribers (who signed up to get traffic tips from Neil Patel). The reason why it got more than 100% open rate is because some people opened the email more than once.

3. For whatever reason, some people won’t open your email, even if they want to. Maybe they are busy at the moment. It doesn’t matter.

What matters is that there’s a way to reach these people. Neal Taparia managed to reach 54,7% more people by using this tactic.

What he did was send an email a second time to people who didn’t open it the first time. That’s how he went from a 21% open rate to 33%.

You can try a different subject line or a different send time on your second round to increase your chances of people noticing the email.

39 More Ways To Increase Your Open Rates [Infographic]

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