Video is quickly becoming the most consumed kind of content on the internet. Users prefer it over text and other formats to learn about a product/service, and even from the brands they support. The result is that marketers are banking heavily on it.

Indeed, 59% of non-video marketers plan to start leveraging it in 2020. And a whopping 95% of video marketers will either increase or maintain their spending this year. The kinds of video created include not just those for entertainment and informational purposes.

Video ads and testimonial videos are also massively produced. Even B2B businesses are engaging in webinars, demos, and social videos. And an average webinar could result in over $20k in revenue.

The utility of videos is diverse. It helps people learn new skills, discover new brands and make buying decisions, and even give new perspectives about their lives. It’s no wonder then that videos help the engagement of websites and help increase the overall traffic.


Which platforms are the top priority when it comes to videos?

Of course, YouTube is right at the top with over 2 billion users. It’s a no brainer to start promoting your YouTube channel and build an audience on the platform.

However, most marketers have gained a customer through videos on social media. And are satisfied with the ROI they generated by posting videos on social media.

While LinkedIn and Twitter data shows that videos get much higher engagement on their platforms as compared with other formats, TikTok remains an underutilized video marketing opportunity.

Check out the top video marketing data related to the above findings in the infographic below designed by Graphic Rhythm Designs. If you want more insights related to these video marketing stats, then head over to the infographic source article where I discuss these statistics in more detail.

Designed By: Graphic Rhythm Designs

Infographic Source: Elite Content Marketer