Your online store likely depends on some form of social media to attract brand recognition and drive engagement with your customers online. When using Facebook, it’s important to carefully and precisely follow the platform’s rules regarding image dimensions.

Here, we take a look at the importance of optimal Facebook image dimensions in your Facebook marketing game.

1: Maximizing Marketing Investments

Social media marketing investments are a growing area of the marketing industry. eCommerce businesses throughout the world are now investing in social media advertisements to generate interest in their products and services among the masses. It’s important that all images used within your Facebook marketing are clear and can easily be understood. Otherwise you could be throwing away a significant amount of marketing resources.

2: Ensure Compliance with Facebook Rules

Those found to be out of compliance with Facebook’s rules regarding ad sizes may find that their images and entire social media pages are removed from the site. The team at Facebook has control over the use of images and use sophisticated algorithms to pinpoint images that don’t meet the required standard. Without optimizing your online images in line with Facebook’s rules, you could face continued problems in your online marketing campaigns.

While Facebook is no longer explicitly enforcing the 20% text limit rule for images, it’s a perfect example of how your images (that do not follow Facebook’s guidelines) may be rejected or get lesser reach on Facebook.

3: Promote Brand Professionalism

The impact of poorly defined images and ill-considered design can be immediate. A site visitor is unlikely to spend much time browsing if the content isn’t designed effectively. This means that if your Facebook images are blurry and your online store’s branding doesn’t appear to be clear, you’re likely to lose potential clients. By adhering to the rules, you can retain control of your marketing and focus your messaging more effectively to drive shoppers to your store.

It’s the ideal time to consider how your Facebook images reflect your business and its marketing goals. To discover more about the latest Facebook image sizing rules, take a look at this infographic by TechWyse.