The tone of voice in content development is critical. It is something that most marketers forget to focus on. Tone of voice in content is not what you say, but how you say it. It’s actually the tool that enables us to have a conversation with our users. In copyism, ‘tone of voice’ depicts the author’s feelings about a particular subject, expressed through the power of words – writing. In the web, we are speaking to users who are our target audience. Hence, we should talk about what they need. What they’ve come to purchase.

Primarily, there are four dimensions to having an appropriate framework of tone-of-voice.

(1) Humor vs. seriousness
(2) Formal vs. casual
(3) Respectful vs. irrelevant
(4) Enthusiastic vs. irreverent

Further, there are three main techniques for having the correct tone of voice, which are like the perfect ‘secret sauce’ to go with your content BBQ platter.

Tip: You can season as per taste (according to the industry you operate in).

1. You define your position

Tone is more than just words. It describes your business’s personality. It’s the way we choose to tell our audience how we feel about the message we are delivering, and how it will influence them. Three things work flawlessly here; “Being Consistent, Being Authentic, and Being Unique.” The tone of voice embodies your personality and overall core values.

2. Have an exclusive style

Make your content’s tone of voice, real, practical and develop details around it; defining the perfect attitude and mode for it.

• Be concise but not abrupt
• Confident but not corny
• Be friendly but not sloppy
• Be precise but not pedantic
• Comprehensive but not complicated
• Be direct but humble
• Be simple but savvy
• Be warm
• Be professional
• Be inspiring
• Be whimsical
• Be engaging
• Be interactive
• Be informative and educational
• Be delightful
• Be Fun
• Be honest
• Be positive
• Be rationale

You have to develop your own personality traits so that your customers know you by the way you mingle with them through your content. So, when developing your content strategy, keep you style in mind, as you are building trust with your consumers. What you will give out will define your positioning or standing in the market. Therefore, being careful about it is key.

3. Influence and persuade

Can the words you use, really help your brand to stand out?

The one size fits all strategy doesn’t really work everywhere around, especially in web content. Your customers are not ordinary. They are buyers! They are professionals who are looking around for something in your content – on your webpage, which no other similar business is probably offering. Be differentiated – persuade them through the tone of your voice that you have the edge. Keep your tone formal, yet humble, and very sophisticated.

Reminder – What to avoid

Cliched communication styles, making the message inauthentic should be avoided. Do not use memes, slang or colloquialisms, along with an ocean of information for the visitors in the marketing business.

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