Colonial Life Insurance has recently put together a great infographic about jobs which didn’t exist 30 years ago. By looking at these jobs, we can see that technology and internet has changed many things in our lives. Other than technology related roles, there are also jobs related to new trends such as a “Zumba Instructor.” 30 years ago, Zumba wasn’t invented yet. Therefore, it is considered a new fitness trend and a new job. Also, green energy and eco-friendly energy sources have started to become more important in the recent years. As people started to prefer alternative energy sources, jobs like “Offshore Wind Farm Engineer” or “Sustainability Director” became popular. By looking at the below infographic, it is not hard to guess that in the future, perhaps in thirty or forty years, we will face with other new types of jobs.

Below you can find the jobs which didn’t exist 30 years ago and their average salaries.