Are you an active Instagram user? Well, if you aren’t, then you should be as this social media platform is filled with amazing pictures of your friends, family members and even your favorite superstars. Apart from Instagram being a great way to connect with people, you can also utilize it as a platform to promote your brand and products.

Building an organic social media following is challenging. You’ll need consistency, patience and a commitment to understanding your audience. You should be aware of what your potential prospects want or need in order to establish a strong relationship of trust. However, all can be ruined by merely sharing the wrong thing. Still, no matter how hard brands try, they publish unwanted content every once in a while. It’s natural, so you don’t have to freak out. Instead, if you feel that your recent post simply performed below par, make your next one worthwhile and turn the tables in your favor.

Social media marketing has proven to create wonders for several businesses over the years as many B2C organizations invest in this platform. You can also capitalize by either running your own marketing campaigns or by hiring a professional Instagram marketing agency to initiate it for you.

Instagram was launched in 2010, and since then, it is growing to become a leading social media platform for mobile users. Currently, Facebook owns Instagram and has never held back in improving it by introducing new features and updates every once in a while.

With over a billion users, Instagram should always be on your list when you plan your next SMM campaign. If not, you’ll be losing on countless clients by avoiding this social channel. Still not convinced? Well, we’ve gathered a bunch of mind-blowing Instagram statistics to show you the significance of this video and image sharing social media platform.

We break things down as follows:

  • Instagram Demographics
  • Instagram Business
  • Instagram Usage

Check out the infographic for more detail.

YimBuzz - Instagram Statistic 2019
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