Everyone wants to be loved, and some want to be loved by everyone. As a boss of employees though, your main objective should be earning the respect and admiration of your workers. (Once that happens, they will often love you anyway) Read on for 12 easy ways you can be a boss that people will respect, and scroll down to the bottom if you want to skip straight to the infographic.

1. Think Positive

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Understand the power of positive psychology, and look at every situation as a learning opportunity.

2. Be Honest

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Be honest, and tell your employees the truth. Yes, even if it hurts.

3. Delegate

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Know when to leave your employees alone, resist the temptation to micro-manage.

4. Communicate

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You know the ending to this old saying. So many problems in an organization are a result of a lack of communication.

5. Inspire

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Inspire your employees to be as passionate about the company as you are.

6. Align the team

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Keep the entire team focused and aligned towards one long term goal.

7. Be balanced

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People perform their tasks better when they’re able to balance work and life.

8. Give credit

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Giving credit where credit is due will boost the confidence of your employees.

9. Encourage growth

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Encourage your employees to grow, and they will become more productive.

10. Give praise

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Show your appreciation for the things your employees do. Even the little things.

11. Mentor

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Act more like a mentor than a boss. Instead of telling me what to do, show me.

12. Be fair

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Playing favorites will only demoralize the team. And people will start acting like poor John Oliver here.

Check out the infographic below for a bonus 13th easy way to be a boss people will respect.

Source: OfficeVibe

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