While it’s far from being a unanimously praised gadget, the fact is that Google Glass has opened the way for a whole new generation of ‘wearable device’, soon to take over the market. The technological transformation of common objects and utensils in micro-computers, able to help us in various tasks has been dreamed for so long, present in sci-fi literature, television shows and cinema blockbusters, and I have no doubts in my mind that we’re just seeing the begining.

Failures will happen, it’s kind of inevitable wen you’re opushing technology forward, but the world of possibilities that it offers makes it worth it.

This week’s “12 Infographics about…” brings you some of the illustrations about Google’s next big thing, and feel free to add others in comments, in case we missed it.

The Google Project Glass | Via

Google Project Glasses | Via

Google Glass used for all Google services | Via

A Potted History of Eyeglasses | Via

Google Gambles On Glass | Via

Google Glasses | Via

Slow Start for Google Glass | Via

Through the looking glass | Via

“Google Glass” and Emerging Optical Technology | Via

Google Glass | Via

Driving with Google Glass | Via

Alice Through The Google Glass | Via

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