Did you know that even national sports teams use SMS marketing to keep fans engaged? Think about it. The sports marketing industry is pretty competitive. Not only do you have to compete with other teams’ likability, but you’re also subject to game ruining forces, like severe weather or last minute changes.

How do sports marketing managers communicate with their fans? Simple – SMS marketing. These 11 text campaigns will easily help you increase fan participation at your sporting event.

In this infographic, there’s three things you must takeaway in order to be successful.

  1. Text to win contests are a great way to rapidly grow your list.
    Simply put, people like incentives. Use irresistible prizes and offers that encourage fans to engage.
  2. When running a text to win contest, make sure the prize is significantly appealing.
    For large text to win contests, offer something of value. A free soda is great as an opt in incentive, but for a text to win contest, make the prize appealing to the masses.
  3. Take advantage of mass promotion techniques to announce your text to win contest.
    Pictured below, you can see a sports team promoting their text to win contest on a jumbotron. The greater the exposure, the higher the engagement rate.

While some of these ideas are quite common, a few force you to think a bit outside that box. That’s completely ok, as long as you’re still getting a return on your investment and efforts. For example, campaign #2 is incredibly common.

But, on the contrary, #10 is a bit more out of the box. Partner with local radio stations to run an exclusive text to win contest. This makes all station listeners feel like VIPS, and encourages them to join your SMS marketing list.

What makes SMS marketing a cut above the rest, in terms of mass marketing methods? You just can’t argue with the reach and engagement levels. According to the Pew Research Center, about 99% of all text message are opened. What does this mean for you? It means that almost all recipients will engage with your brand. Although offer redemption is never guaranteed, you can at least be sure a branded message will reach the eyes of the consumer.

This infographic was originally published on the Slick Text blog.