Have you ever wished you owned a fancy gadget from one of your favorite sci-fi movies? Believe it or not, there are actually a number of technologies out there that have been inspired in one way or another by these shows and films.

I’m talking technologies that scan for health issues without the opening of patients, automated taxis, real-life Iron Man suits, flying insect-sized spy drones and other mind-boggling goodies. This visual by Wish, highlights eleven inventions that were inspired by some of our favorite science fiction shows and films.

Being the avid world traveler that I am, I could definitely see myself enjoying the wonders that personal automated robotaxis offer. Although probably costly, this piece of transport innovativeness would fare well winding in and out of Paris’ sometimes complicated twenty arrondissements.

Or how about the universal translator? Now those almost always come in handy. After all, communication is key in just about any relationship, isn’t it?

How about the rest of you? Would you consider adding any of these to your growing arsenal of gadgets?