One of the greatest things about running a business on the internet, is that you can actually interact with everyone around you and get their thoughts on anything. This can be from your web site traffic, customers or even business experts from around the world.

In the infographic (provided by below we are going to take a look at some of the smartest minds in the industry and their advice for how to best grow a business in size and to see results like never before. Each of these experts have years of success under their belts and are all industry leading authorities within their own niche markets.

No matter what type of web site, blog, brand or business you are running — you will definitely walk away with some valuable tips after viewing the 30+ experts profiled in this infographic.

Here are some of the many highlights and expert tips featured throughout the infographic.

  • Neil Patel – Analyze your competition and replicate what’s working for them. Learn from other businesses mistakes and avoid making the same ones. Break down your goals into bite sized tasks, which will help increase your odds of achieving them.
  • Kristi Hines – Creating and distributing a lot of content with freelance writer in my author bios. Engaging on social media networks and groups with freelance writers in my social profile bios.
  • Eric Siu – Keep learning. Seek out others that are smarter than you. If you’re not getting punched in the face every day, you probably aren’t doing anything worthwhile.
  • Barry Schwartz – Focus on a few things. Work harder than the people you hire.
  • Ian Cleary – Build relationships. Set goals every day. Get your first customer asap.
  • Yaro Starak – Growth can only come when you know whom you are trying to reach. Identify your 80/20 tasks – activities that deliver the big outcomes and ignore the rest.
  • Adam Connell – Know your market inside out. Market to influencers. Never stop development of your product or service.
  • Ana Hoffman- Build, nurture and leverage business relationships. Diversify your content.