With the growing popularity of mobile devices and rapid development of social networks supporting video content, video marketing is gaining ground and becoming a prominent tool for engaging online audiences. Short-form and highly-interactive videos are here to stay and more social networks like Facebook are competing with YouTube to become the number one video destination. Statistics have shown over the last couple years that people are much more likely to stay on a site, or spend time on an email advertisement if there is a clip to watch. Consumers can now enjoy high-quality multimedia content wherever they are, which will present new opportunities for brands to benefit from the power of video.

Here’s a look at some of the rising video marketing trends for 2015.

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If there is one clear overall trend for 2015, it is to simplify and shorten. As technology moves to our wrists and our eyes with products like Apple watches and Google Glass, we are becoming more attune to our technology and with that, we are becoming expert multitaskers. We click windows open in half a second, we run video clips simultaneously while reading documents. We write emails and listen to music, while the news is on the background. As a result, we are processing information at a much faster rate these days and thus our attention spans are shortening as a consequence. That is why video marketers are given the obstacle in 2015 to cut their videos down to the shortest, most dynamic snippet of a clip they can make. Afterall, it is said that Internet users today give a clip 10 seconds before they chose to close the window or continue watching. The obstacle for 2015 is for marketers to master the art of capturing your attention in 10 seconds or less. Do you have any video marketing tips for 2015? Share with us in the comments!