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Easter is forever tied to the candy industry – one look at the average American Easter basket is proof alone. In fact, over 85% buy or create an Easter basket for their kids. Candy sales spike during this second top-selling candy holiday as eager consumers fill Easter baskets to the brim. Jellybeans, chocolate bunnies, marshmallow treats and more will certainly be spotted on consumers’ shopping lists.

Americans spend a massive amount on candy each year – on average, over $29 billion, a number that is expected to increase to $35 billion by 2016. This is good news for the celebrations industry, which offers candy brand marketers a highly engaged audience of party hosts. This is even truer around major holiday celebrations, especially Easter.

Here are 10 stand-out stats that demonstrate the impact that candy has on the Easter season:

  1. Many families shop 3 weeks in advance of the Easter holiday. (CNBC)
  2. Chocolate Easter bunnies should be eaten ears first, according to 76% of surveyed Americans. Only 5% said they should be eaten feet first, while 4% preferred to eat the tail first. (InfoPlease)
  3. The average amount spent on Easter candy, clothes, and supplies per family is $225.43 online compared to $131.04 at brick-and-mortar stores. (StatisticBrain.com)
  4. The UK consumes the largest amount of candy annually, per person, at 2.91 lbs. – followed by the U.S (1.92 lbs.), Russia (1.33 lbs.), and Canada (.92 lbs). (OneCharmingParty.com)
  5. According to a survey, the National Retail Federation, 9 out of 10 consumers who celebrate Easter will stock up on candy, and will spend an average of $20.66 on sweet treats alone. (Forbes)
  6. The U.S. sale of Peeps is estimated at about $63 million over the last two years – which may have driven the recent decision to make them available year-round. (Businessweek)
  7. 16 billion jellybeans are produced for the Easter season. (InfoPlease)
  8. According to a survey by the National Confectioners Association, 72.4% of Americans are influenced by seasonal classics or popular choices as they make candy purchases – including Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs and Peeps. (CandyUSA.com)
  9. According to a National Confectioners Association survey, almost 65% said they believe holiday candy and chocolates should feature seasonal packaging and colors – such as pastels for Easter. (CandyUSA.com)
  10. Over 90 million chocolate bunnies are produced each year, which makes them the most popular Easter candy. (InfoPlease)

And if these sweet stats weren’t enough, here’s an infographic from the National Confectioners Association breaking Easter down by the numbers:


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