There’s a lot to say about being the age of 60 and one of those is that it is the age where you don’t seem to be able to do anything special. You might no longer be able to read clearly, you can’t go to your favorite movies because you’re too afraid of stampedes and you’re too old to run fast to save your life. There’s a lot about seniority than you still didn’t know, and it must be of your great advantage to learn more about how much you can do even at the prime age of 60 years old.

This infographic lists down the people that have done so much in their lives that they’re worth putting in the books of grandiose immense history. These people are artists, changers of lives, inspiration to many and a cause of worship to some. These people created works that have changed how the world has turned out and these people are worth knowing. Learn them now from this infographic.