Undoubtedly, mobile has been a tremendous digital force in this modern world in terms of communication and looking for information from the web. Consumers are using their smartphones and mobile devices to research more details about a brand, product or services before commiting their money and make a purchase.

But consumers want their shopping done faster and more convenient, even while they are on the go. Many are now turning to their mobile devices not only for communication or gathering information – but for commercial transactions as well.

Now, Mobile Commerce or mCommerce is fast becoming a global phenomena that is scooping the marketplace up like a whirlwind. As more and more consumers turn to their mobile devices as a buying platform, eCommerce merchants and retailers are scrambling to make their stores ready for this next big wave in commerce – changing the way people perceive buying and selling in the near future.

1. mCommerce Transactions Are Growing Tremendously – Mobile Commerce or mCommerce is growing at a tremendously rapid rate and is forecasted to reach up to 33% of the eCommerce market in the US and 40% in the global market according to State of Mobile Commerce reports released by Criteo.

2. mCommerce Sales Taking a Bigger Piece of the eCommerce Pie – The recent “US Mcommerce 2015: eMarketer’s Forecast and Trends” report released by eMarketer projected mCommerce sales to reach figures of up to 77 billion dollars by end of this year, getting at least 22% of the eCommerce pie. eMarketer projects these sales figures to double to 153.5 billion dollars come 2019.

3. Smartphones are Driving US Mobile Transactions – While personal computers and tablets still account for majority of eCommerce transactions, mCommerce transactions through smartphones are fast closing in on this gap according to an eMarketer report based on MarketLive’s Q1 2015 Performance Index.

4. iPhone and Android Leads mCommerce Growth – Among smartphone users, iPhone leads the way over all other devices with a 12% growth rate in mCommerce transactions, accounting for up to 10% of all eCommerce transactions in the United States.

5. Discovery mCommerce through Social Media On the Rise – Social media has always been an important factor that contributed to the tremendous growth of mobile device use. So, it is of no wonder why discovery mCommerce through social media is on the rise.

6. Optimizing for mCommerce a Top Priority Among US Retailers – In a report released by eMarketer based on a study on US retailers performed by eTail and WBR Digital, it was highlighted that up to 59% of these retailers are placing greater priority in optimizing their websites for mobile web and mCommerce.

7. Shift from Apps to Mobile Web –  In their ecommerce trends and predictions for 2015, eConsultancy highlighted that consumers are shifting their focus from apps to the mobile web for mCommerce transactions.

8. Use of Mobile Coupons Steadily Rising – With mCommerce on the rise, marketers are adapting time-tested strategies to generate better sales whatever the platform may be. This includes the use of coupons in a mobile format which eMarketer forecasted will be used by as much as 40.5% of US companies that have more than 100 employees it their wing.

9. Always-On Shopping is Here – With eCommerce, consumers can shop for whatever they want or need anytime and anywhere throught their mobile devices, tablets and desktops. But with mCommerce, always-on shopping can be taken one step further as consumers can have greater flexibility in conducting online sales transactions even while they are in a car or lying on their beds.

10. Consumers Want it Faster and Quicker – In a Nielsen survey, mobile devices are the preferred channel for finding information about products or services they intend to buy, according to 42% of consumers surveyed.

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