2013 has come to an end and that year proved the undeniable importance of using social media as a major marketing tool for many businesses, brands and digital marketing agencies. Major social media players like Facebook and Twitter have matured as an effective marketing and advertising platform for engaging targeted audiences – generating significant returns and revenue in the process.

In 2013, businesses and marketers also witnessed how these social media networks evolved much further into the digital marketing arena, with new tools and features that will generate even more business, and expect existing customers to come back for more. Facebook has been expanding its advertising services and will venture into video advertising in response to Twitter’s video tool Vine. Instagram, another visually-oriented social network that has been growing in popularity has also integrated paid and video advertising options for their users.

These trends and a whole lot more are what business owners and digital marketers should expect in 2014. Digital Marketing Philippines aims to help business owners flesh out their 2014 digital marketing plans with this list of Social Media Marketing trends that will surely hit more waves than one this year and beyond.

The infographic (click to zoom):

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