What are the seven stages of business success? How many new jobs are generated by small businesses? How can your small business leverage social media for profitable growth? The answers to these questions and more are contained in the following 10 awesome infographics for small business.

1. Small-Business Facts

Whoa, it costs more to start a business in India than in the United States. Small businesses outnumber corporations 1,162 to 1 – but corporations control more concentrated revenues.


Small Business Facts


2. Reinvention of Small Business

This infographic details how small businesses are reinventing themselves in today’s economic climate. Small-business owners work more hours and take less vacation time, despite finding mobile devices to be proficient business tools.

3. Small Businesses and the Cloud

One of the keys to success is incorporating technology with your business. How have small businesses adapted to or embraced the cloud and other modern technology?

4. How Important Is Small Business in the U.S.?

We always hear about major corporations, despite the fact that small businesses create the most new jobs. Small business also has a huge economic impact on the United States.

5. Small-Business Growth Opportunities

This infographic details how small businesses have huge growth opportunities that can help them compete with corporate competitors, despite the current economy.

6. The Seven Stages of Small-Business Success

This infographic makes it easy to follow the seven stages of small-business success as well as what the most important factor to success is at each stage.

7. Time Spent on Business Tasks

How do business owners spend their time? Find out with this infographic.

8. Small-Business Social Media Cheat Sheet

This is one of my favorites. How can your business leverage the power of social media for profitable growth? Get a firm grip on your social media marketing efforts with this quick small-business social media cheat sheet chart.

9. The Small-Business Credit Conundrum


Despite small-business growth opportunities, the economic climate has made it very difficult for small business to obtain credit – as this infographic demonstrates.

10. App Happy

This infographic illustrates how apps have made life easier for some business owners. Any app that you’re using? Share on the comments section below.