Trade shows are the ways that start-ups and well-established businesses alike compete for the attention of the consumer. At these events, companies make connections, find buyers and retailers for their products, and introduce new services to an interested demographic. But if you have neglected event-specific landing page optimization (LPO), you might as well skip the expo.

Landing pages

Briefly, landing pages are the gateway to your call to action and as most marketers know, are one of the absolute best ways to collect a number of leads from potential prospects interested in your call to action. Use some of the following tips to effectively incorporate landing pages for trade shows to get the results you want:

Understanding the LPO – Trade Show Connection

The goal of any good LPO is two-fold:

  1. Present expo-related calls to action.
  2. Increase the number of website visitors who convert from leads to buyers.

Since an expo introduces you to purchase-minded consumers, whether they are corporate buyers on the lookout for new product lines or shoppers who are curious about what everyone is presenting, it makes sense to dedicate a landing page to your interactions with this specific group.

Create a unique landing page for every trade show

Make sure the landing page and call to action are live a few weeks before each conference. Every trade show you attend should be thought of as an entirely new marketing campaign and therefore have its own landing page. There’s also a chance that attendees who may not necessarily know your company at all will come across your website simply because they might be looking for general information about the conference.

Optimize for mobile

There are few worse things than having a hot prospect at your booth be interested in the call to action and try to sign up via their mobile device only to find out it is not mobile friendly. Make sure you also have tablets and/or laptops at your booth where interested attendees can enter their information.

Consider additional calls to action

Once a customer has filled out the fields on your landing page to download a free white paper or whatever the offering is, it’s a really good idea to put an additional offer on the “thank you page”, such as a demo or a free trial. This entices them to continue exploring your offerings and gets them deeper into the funnel. Be careful with this tactic; be sure to only have one offering per landing page. You don’t want to confuse or overwhelm your prospects and have them abandon the landing page altogether.

Making Your Expo Experience Count

It is imperative that the landing page devoted to interactions with the trade show audience is live well in advance of the event. Four weeks is ideal. Think through content development with an eye on providing generic trade show information that might bring in web traffic from attendees who just need more details about the event; once they are on your website, they might just interact with your brand, too.

Also, focus your video marketing efforts on this page. A dedicated blog might chronicle how your business is getting ready for the show. Since it is quite common that event attendees will dial up your landing page right from the expo itself, the page has to be optimized for mobile devices. Finally, consider what you want the consumer to do. Sure, you want a buying decision to take place, but perhaps an additional call to action would be the sign-up for your newsletter or a connection on social media.