You remember the first date you ever had with your significant other? For the women out there I’m sure there might have been some nerves, outfit changes, a few butterflies when he got to your door, maybe some uneasiness afterwards waiting for the call. For the guys you might have been a little nervous or you might have just hopped in the shower, threw on your go-to date shirt, shaved, and walked out the door as fast as possible. These are two ways to go about an inbound marketing strategy, let’s discuss.

Nervous Nancy

Nervous Nancy is the CEO that does as much research before signing on an inbound marketing strategy as possible. Similar to her first date rituals, she has a few things that she does when hiring an inbound marketing agency.

Pre-date Google: She Googles every day, finding out everything there is to know about inbound marketing.

Pre-date Pace: Once she finds the right agency and starts talking about signing a contract she begins to get nervous and pace around the room.

Pre-date Outfit Change: She tweaks the strategy here and there, hoping each adjustment will result in a better overall goal.

Post-date Call: After she launches the inbound marketing strategy she begins to get nervous, checking the analytics and making sure everything is running smoothly.

Nervous Nancy is doing pretty much everything right, except for pacing around the room. She did her research, she tweaked the strategy to cater to her business needs, and she checked in on the strategy to make sure it was running smoothly and effectively.

Cool Chris

Cool Chris is the CEO that just signed on an inbound marketing agency because someone told him it was a good idea or that it would grow his business.

Pre-date Reservation: He doesn’t do that much research or find out everything there is to know about inbound marketing. He clicks on the first agency that pops up on his search and calls them.

Pre-date Shower and Shave: He talks to the agency, listens to their strategy, and decides they know what they’re talking about.

Pre-date Outfit: He goes with whatever strategy they tell him is best and doesn’t try and customize it.

Post-date Call: After launching the inbound marketing strategy he doesn’t follow up with the analytics or check in to see how far along they are with the goal.

Cool Chris is doing pretty much nothing right, except for hiring a marketing agency to begin with :) He didn’t do any research, he didn’t tweak the strategy to his business needs, and he definitely didn’t check in on it after it was launched.


My point is that sometimes, it does pay off to take a little bit more time and consideration when you’re deciding on an inbound marketing agency for your business. It may seem like the easiest option to rush around so you don’t have to really worry about the small details. But when you take things slow and prepare yourself as best as you can, you’re calm, collected, and very ready for a good relationship to begin. Sometimes it also pays to take a little more time before heading off on that date too :)