The shift from broadcast to digital advertising

A recent article in Media Post highlights data derived from the large agency advertisement buying that there is a dramatic shift from old-line media (TV, Print and Radio advertising) to digital media. This $3B shift in spending occurred during a nine-month period ending in June 2015 because those months represent the advertisement buying for the “Broadcast Year”.

This trend is not surprising for anyone in the digital marketing industry, however, having data based on direct media buying and not speculation confirms our beliefs and perceived trends. The reality is, more and more of the buyer’s time is spent on-line and many have their cell phone in hand while watching television. Companies track the effectiveness of the different forms of media advertising, and when they can target buyers preferences and activity precisely and measure the results of their investment, the bias is to shift to digital.

Marketing is becoming more “human”

Large agencies have also shifted the style of advertising to be more personal. In a blog post from last June, I wrote about how Inbound Marketing brings your brand alive in the human era. It was a post that shows how inbound marketing targets a particular persona and that it is also aligned with the approach that large agencies like Hill Holliday are implementing for global brands.

How small to medium sized business can compete when large companies are flooding the internet with their messages

To compete versus larger companies, the small to medium-sized business must be both personal and digital in their approach to seeking customers. Inbound Marketing gives these companies a way to attract precisely the right prospects and nurture them until they are ready to engage with your sales team – but only if the content is tuned to your most effective sales process.

Finding the right path to digital marketing

If your business is looking to make its way to improving its on-line presence and implement Inbound Marketing in ways that are both effective and measurable, then consider downloading the whitepaper that describes the 8 steps to attracting qualified leads for your business because it outlines the preferred Inbound Marketing methodology.