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The State of Inbound 2016, an analysis of inbound marketing, has been released by Hubspot. Each year, this report is released to let marketers in on useful statistics and pieces information regarding inbound marketing. While companies certainly can’t follow every trend they see on the web, this particular page isn’t something to ignore.

So, here’s what we’ve learned from this year’s State of Inbound.

“Customers have more power over ads than marketers do.”

Companies typically spend a lot of their money on creating advertisements to promote themselves. However, nowadays, users have the ability to block ads as much as they want, and they do. Mobile ad blocking has gone up 90% year over year. Keep this in mind as you go onto the next year, and think about putting your budget somewhere else besides ads.

inbound marketing, The State of Inbound

Salespeople are losing their purpose

It’s sad to hear, but as technology grows, certain jobs become null and void. When it comes to inbound marketing, this has never been truer than with salespeople, whom only 19% of buyers rely on when they want to make a purchasing decision.

Current content strategies need to be reformed

Producing content is one of the biggest things companies focus on for their inbound marketing. Content is all we see on the web now. Unfortunately, according to The State of Inbound, it’s not the kind of content that users want. And, when it comes to percentages, it’s still a tad unclear what they do want. So for now, keep experimenting.

inbound marketing, state of inbound

If you thought social media was taking over, you’re right

According to The State of Inbound, social media is disrupting search engines, as most people search for content right on Facebook. And, speaking of Facebook, 2 out of 3 adults get their news from Facebook. Facebook has 8 billion video views a day, but not as much as Snapchat, which has 10 billion. If your company, therefore, uses social media as your top outlet to reach your potential customers, then you’re doing the right thing. And, the utilization of social media, unlike other forms of marketing, will continue to grow. At least for now.

Marketing and Sales are never going to stop changing

The State of Inbound 2016 highlights how much marketing as changed as far back as 1996, where people still communicated via landlines. Fast forward twenty years, and A LOT has changed. “Inbound changes because people change.” In five years, marketing and sales as we know today will no longer exist, and we need to keep a strong eye on the people we want to target in order to be successful with our inbound marketing strategy.

inbound marketing, state of inbound

Infographics are perfect

We can’t sign off without saying Hubspot’s use of an infographic in their State of Inbound report is amazing. It’s clear, easy to read, and is nice to the eyes. Perhaps companies should consider more infographics in their content production?

The State of Inbound indicates a lot of changes that companies may need to make when it comes to their inbound marketing strategy. Request a demo with Mission Suite to see how we can help prepare your company for what’s next.