We’ve all been there, going over a the results of a campaign with your marketing team and wondering what happened, what went wrong, and why the campaign didn’t perform like you had hoped. Luckily in the marketing world there are always metrics that we can look at and learn from, good or bad. In order to know what you’re spending your money on and how to get the best return on investment, analyzing your marketing campaigns is going to be crucial. If you find that a campaign actually performed really badly, you can still recover. Let’s discuss how you can recover so you don’t end up in a Marketer’s Anonymous meeting talking about how you spent too much money on campaigns instead of learning from your mistakes and improving!

Campaign Audience

If a campaign didn’t perform well overall whether it was paid ads, social posts, emails, or what have you it could be that your offer didn’t speak well to your audience. Whenever you create content for a campaign, you should have your buyer persona in mind. An overall badly performing campaign could have nothing to do with the images, copy, or content within it, it could be the people you’re putting it in front of.

How to Recover: repurpose the content and switch it up with your buyer persona in mind. Cater it to your audience and the information they care most about and they won’t be able to turn it down.

This section includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google ads. If any of your paid ads didn’t perform well it could be the targeting or the visuals.


You want to target your ads toward the people who are interested in them. The best part about paid ads is that you can literally put your ad in front of the exact audience that’s looking for them, when they’re looking for the information. You want them targeted, but not so targeted that not enough people will see them. A very limited audience will almost ensure that it won’t perform well. You also don’t want to make them so broad that you’re putting them in front of the wrong people. Yeah, it’s a balancing act that really depends on the industry and the people your business wants to target so it’s hard to tell you exactly what to do.


When I say visuals I mean the image you use on the ad or the copy associated with it. If you think the targeting is on point but it still isn’t performing than it could be one of those visual aspects. Ads will show up as people are scanning down a page, if your image isn’t eye catching and just blends in with everything else on the page then nobody is going to think twice about it. On the other hand, if your image is eye catching but your copy doesn’t match up to what the image is portraying then you’ll confuse your audience and nobody will click through. Like I said, paid ads are a balancing act and you need to really understand your audience and how to market your business in order to help them perform.

How to Recover: When it comes to paid ads, my advice is all trial and error. Create your ad based on your buyer person. Make sure you’re going in at least once a day and checking on them and if they aren’t performing well then adjust them (retarget, change image, or edit copy) and try again. If you changed the image and it still isn’t performing well then try changing the copy or targeting.

Email Blasts

Bad Subject Line

If your emails went unopened, it’s most likely because of your subject line. I don’t even think twice when I’m going through my emails on my phone, archiving all my spam emails faster than I can finish reading the subject line. But if I see something that really catches my eye, I’ll open it. Subject lines need to be more than just telling your contacts what’s in the email. They need to be entertaining and eye catching. If they’re neither of those things then maybe you need to be a little more creative.

Bad Segmentation

It could also be that you didn’t segment your contact list enough and sent the emails to people who just wouldn’t generally be interested in what you’re talking about. That’s why segmentation is key when it comes to email correspondence.

How to Recover: Make your email subjects impossible to overlook and segment your contacts so you can edit the email subjects to cater to each type of audience and what they would find interesting.


Recovery from a bad campaign takes baby steps. There are so many aspects that you can change and adjust, my advice is to try, try again!