outbound marketing, inbound marketing, marketing strategy

Many companies focus on inbound marketing as a way to bring growth and success to their business. Inbound marketing involves doing a mix of writing content, emails, and solid landing pages to attract leads.

While inbound marketing is important, outbound marketing is a side of marketing which is often overlooked. While you should be putting a lot of focus into your inbound marketing strategy, certainly don’t neglect your outbound marketing strategy, either.

Here’s why and how you should be doing both.

outbound marketing, marketing strategy, inbound marketing

Because of the Relationship Between Inbound and Outbound Marketing

Without even realizing it, many of the things you do with inbound marketing are actually directly tied to outbound marketing. Here’s an example: Every time you write content for your blog or site, it attracts people to come and read what you’re all about. This is, of course, a specific type of inbound marketing.

Likewise, after people come to your site, they have the option of opting-in or clicking on a call to action button and providing their email. Once you get their email address, you will be sending information and content directly to them. This is outbound marketing. Do you see how they go together?

There Are Different Types of Outbound Marketing

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you already have a good idea about how to do inbound marketing. If you’re not so familiar with outbound marketing, then here are a few more examples:

Outbound marketing is something initiated by a salesperson or marketer. Outbound marketing can involve anything from using call to action buttons on social media, writing press releases, holding conferences, creating advertisements, or running webinars.


You Can Have One Without the Other, But You Shouldn’t

Even though they sometimes go together, inbound marketing and outbound marketing aren’t always mutually exclusive. But, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t strive to make those connections. Every time you work on a specific inbound marketing strategy, you should be thinking about how that’s going to carry over to your outbound marketing strategy. And, just because your inbound marketing strategy was effective at bringing people in, doesn’t mean you can now slack on your outbound marketing.

It’s simple. One is good at attracting people, the other is good at making them stick around. Do both.

Believe It or Not, They Both Bring in an Equal Amount of Leads

While it’s obvious that inbound marketing works at the beginning of the sales cycle, outbound marketing has a huge impact on bringing in leads throughout the duration of the sales cycle. According to The Inbound Marketing Effectiveness Report, the same number of marketers who thought inbound marketing was the best at bringing in leads, also thought outbound was best.

Therefore, if you thought inbound marketing was the most effective, it may be time to rethink your strategy altogether.

Keep Everything Balanced

If you now have changed your mind about your marketing strategies, that’s what we love to hear. However, don’t get carried away just yet. Just because you now see the effectiveness of outbound marketing, doesn’t mean you should keep inbound on the backburner. Both need to be balanced equally in order to achieve success. That means you need to dedicate time and personnel to both tasks and have them work together on many projects. It won’t be long until you see the amazing results both are having on your company.

outbound marketing, inbound marketing, marketing strategy

Many companies tend to focus solely on inbound marketing. Now you have the information to understand the importance of both. Need a little help? Then request a demo with Mission Suite now!