When a new concept develops it is often surrounded by unhelpful simplifications and stereotypes, which can minimise people’s understanding of it. Occasionally some myths begin to appear. Inbound marketing is subject of many frequently held but completely erroneous beliefs, especially on the part of clients. Here are some of the main faulty ideas that might seem obvious to you, but that you may still catch others thinking.

The idea of an exact formula for inbound marketing

Inbound marketing should be about thinking of the user and the product in an holistic frame. That means creating a personality for the business in question, and reaching out with useful, resonant content. Believing in a simple formula for inbound marketing is dangerous because it reduces the concept to something that ignores this crucial, customer focused mindset. Simply ticking off a regular blog, publishing a white paper and calling up some leads isn’t the same as a developed inbound marketing strategy.

Every business can benefit from inbound marketing

While inbound marketing is essential for many types of businesses to compete and grow, it’s not a panacea for every business model. This manner of marketing can soon pay off for companies that provide expensive products and services. But while it can generate business for lower end businesses too, it won’t necessarily make up for the expenses involved in the approach. Like all forms of good quality marketing, it isn’t suited to everyone. This bring us neatly to the final widely held erroneous belief about inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing can be done on the cheap

Some businesses seem to hold beliefs about online marketing that belong in the 1990s – namely that one or two people with a couple of hours to spare can provide effective online marketing at effectively no cost. This just isn’t the case anymore. Effective inbound marketing takes time, effort and funds. Businesses that waver over software fees or consider getting the marketing director to take a look at it ‘on the side’ need to be shown what real inbound marketing is.