accelerate-inbound-marketing-servicesInbound marketing has an armory of weapons that can be equipped to boost the sales of your business and improve your overall marketing strategy. With the proper tools, such as the inbound marketing tools HubSpot provides, you can transform your business from a zero to a hero.

There are 4 inbound marketing methods that I want to address in particular that will help accelerate sales. A user-friendly/responsive website, writing educational blogs, building a social media presence, and producing advanced content all help increase your sales. Now let’s dive further into these methods.

Responsive Website

Your website is the most important. Think of your website as your virtual storefront where you house all of your merchandise. Your messaging, blogs, and advanced content being that merchandise. You could have the best merchandise on this side of town but if your store looks horrible, no one is going to walk in. The same principle applies for your website. If your website is designed poorly, completely uncreatively, or not user friendly and unresponsive then the customers will be driven away before realizing that the content you possess is a gold mine.

Get creative and wow your visitors. It’s wise to use compelling website elements such as informative videos, animated effects, and other things that pull attention and hold interest. People are always on their mobile devices and multi-tasking through so many browser windows/tabs which requires your website to be responsive. The elements of your website should be subject to change while still appearing clean and interesting if a user decides to shrink the size of the browser window or view your website on a mobile device. Complete usability is a huge feature every website needs.

Educational Blogs

Every business should aspire and strive to be a thought leader within their respective industries. What better way to emerge as a thought leader than to write educational, informative blogs. You can really show your knowledge about the industry through your blogs. Provide great information that viewers will truly value and never forget. People love to hear about best practices, industry trends, and tips on how to do something better.

On top of blogging about best practices for your business, there are also best practices for blogging in general. One of the biggest best practices for blogging is maintaining a keyword-centric blog. This helps your blogs get found through search engines easier and rank higher on search result pages. The higher you place on search result pages, the higher the chance is for someone to click on your page. Overall, this keyword-centric blogging strategy will increase your blog viewership.

Social Media Presence

Social media! People can’t get enough of it and people can’t stay away from it. Starting from scratch, building a social media presence is tough but constructed in the right way you can develop a really good following. Plus, your following will be interested in what you are selling. Once you’ve developed that strong presence on social media, posting your content and blogs to your social media platforms can increase your website traffic.

Since the social media following you’ve attained is already interested in what you’re offering, these people are likely to buy into your business. The right social media presence can increase your sales. It is also a great place to connect with your customers, provide feedback, and receive feedback. This brings trust into the business-consumer relationship and we all know just how important trust is in any relationship.

Advanced Content

This is what seals the deal. Your content is what you are offering to your potential customers to nurture them through the inbound marketing funnel into paying customers. Creating eBooks, whitepapers, webinars, case studies, and helpful guides entice people to come view your site, fill out a form, provide you with their contact information, and giving you the power to offer more of your content to them.

In this effort, you are easing them down the sales funnel. You offer them broader, top funnel content to appease their interest. You offer them more concise, middle of the funnel content to provide examples of how your business has done what it does meaningfully and effectively.