Are you creating lead magnets to grow your email list but none of your site visitors are taking the bait? If you’ve spent hours creating a stunning lead magnet like a guide, template, or checklist, it can be disheartening to discover that your audience isn’t opting-in. But don’t scrap your lead magnet idea just yet!

There are a number of simple tips and tweaks that you can implement that will take your lead magnet from blah to outstanding. Instead of website visitors passing over your lead magnet, they’ll click right away, which will grow your email list like crazy. An email list that’s full of subscribers who enjoyed your lead magnet will boost engagement, build trust, and increase conversions.

Here’s how to make lead magnets that are irresistible to your audience.

Showcase your lead magnet, front and center.

If you want your website visitors to download your lead magnet, you can’t just add a basic text link at the bottom of your blog posts. Rather, you need to make your lead magnets stand out and grab the attention of your audience. A great way to showcase your lead magnet, front and center, is by using popups.

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There are a number of popular lead generation tools that allow you to easily create great-looking popups to showcase your lead magnets and grow your email list. With a popup you can display a targeted message, one that users can’t miss, at exactly the right time. So, before a user leaves your site, you can capture their attention with a popup that entices them to download your lead magnet.

Use analytics to find out what your audience wants.

Sometimes, the lead magnet that you’re offering isn’t what your audience is truly interested in, and therefore, they’re not opting-in. So, if you’re lead magnets aren’t successful, consider tweaking the content of your lead magnet, or changing the content completely. In order to figure out what your audience wants, take a look at your website analytics.

By analyzing your website analytics, you can discover what pages or blog posts are most popular with your audience. The pages and posts that are most visited are a good indication of what your audience is interested in the most. For instance, if your most popular blog post is about Instagram marketing, create a lead magnet centered around that topic. Knowing exactly what your audience wants will allow you to create lead magnets they’ll be excited for.

Make the benefits clear.

Your website visitors won’t be tempted to click on your lead magnet if they don’t know what it is or how it will benefit them. According to the Marketing Insider Group, when you give your subscribers a good idea of the kind of content they’re signing up for, the opt-in rate can rise by almost 85%. So, you need to make the benefits of your lead magnet clear to your audience.

Take a look at this example from Backlinko. Their message is plain as day; if you download this lead magnet, they’ll show you how to get 25,000 visitors to your website a month.

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Not only do you need to make the benefits of your lead magnets clear, but it should solve a problem for your target audience. Your audience comes to your website because they need help with something, so consider that when creating your lead magnet and promoting the benefits of it. The best, most successful lead magnets solve the pain points of your audience.

Make it easy to consume.

Another tip to make lead magnets that are irresistible is to make your lead magnets easy to consume. Not everyone has the time to sit around and read a long eBook, so if you’re offering your audience one, many users will probably pass on it. Instead, offer them a lead magnet that is short, simple, and that they can start using right away.

Instead of creating an eBook or guide, consider creating a checklist, calendar, or printable. These lead magnets are types that your audience can immediately print off and use. Plus, not only will your audience get the full value of your lead magnet in less than 5 minutes, but it will be easier for you to create as well.

Over to you.

Don’t forget to try out multiple different lead magnets. Not all of your audience members will be interested in the same thing, after all. Plus, with multiple different lead magnets, you can find out what performs best and do more of the same, instead of wasting your time with ineffective lead magnets. With these tips for how to make lead magnets that are irresistible to your audience, you can generate more leads for your business. Your new and improved lead magnets will turn website visitors into happy subscribers that are primed to become paying customers in the future.