Initiate inbound marketing actions without campaign targets set correctly return to navigate visually. Cannot expect to get any ROI whatsoever! A method is required! Our advice.


For a smart and effective approach to defining the goals of your campaign, a method is particularly on the rise: the SMART method.

Meaning Specific – Measurable – Attainable – Realistic – Time-Bound defined, this approach is currently the most used by companies in all sectors that engage in the inbound alongside their service.

And for good reason, because it’s’ is a method that has also proven its worth in many areas of management and project management, so as to inspire!

It allows defining the contours of the strategy, to stake the reflection through to rely on a specific part that scans the five major aspects of the objectives of a campaign.


To set your goals campaign inbound, so spend SMART scrutinized.


Above all, tell yourself that it is useless to seek to achieve goals if they are not clearly defined! This seems obvious but nevertheless, this is a very common pitfall.

The objectives of the type “increase traffic to our site “are commendable but far too vague. Instead, it should be very clear about what we want to achieve through his campaign to define as precisely as possible the objectives to formulate concrete way. Ex: Gain 10 leads per month for the year.

At this stage also, the good idea is to scan the questions: who does what? Why? How? Or? When?
Let’s be precise! Let’s be specific!


The second part of the method: set quantifiable, measurable. You must be in the capacity to measure and quantify the expected impact of the campaign, otherwise why bother?

That is to answer the question: how much? But it comes especially to give figures.
Ex: Growing traffic of 30% site in the half.


Do you have the means of your ambitions? That may be the question behind this part of the SMART method.

Make sure at this stage that the objectives that you identified upstream are indeed within your reach. Are they in line with your target? Your market does offer sufficient potential to reach your goals? Competition is it challengeable enough to claw him so many customers?

In other words, make sure that your goals are not out of reach.


This aspect of the method is interested in the relevance of objectives, their realistic appearance. Realistic relative to average and the time available, realistic in relation to the overall strategy of your company. But also relevant to the overall approach of your business development. Eg is it realistic to earn 100 leads per month over the year to a TPE being launched business? Is it appropriate to aim for a traffic of 10,000 visitors per month while the site does drain a few hundred? Conversely, wanting to transform 5 leads per month for a TPE customers appears to be realistic and achievable.


Set a time limit, set a deadline, generates a strong commitment to developing a sustained effort and therefore ultimately more easily achieve the objectives of the campaign. Leave a beginning and an end to the campaign is a prerequisite for maximizing the workload that will lead you to get what you want.

With the SMART method, you now have five key levers that allow you to precisely define quantitatively realistic and limited in time that you can expect from your next inbound campaign.

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