Are you looking for quick and easy ways to convert more lead? One of the main factors in inbound marketing success is increased lead conversion.

Here are some tips to build your pipeline and put you on track to exceed your revenue goals:

  1. Speed This is the single most important decider in whether a lead will convert. Forbes conducted research on over 10,000 companies in fifteen different “secret shopper” studies over the last five years and found alerting results. They found companies weren’t contacting leads quickly enough, with an average response time of 46 hours and 52 minutes. By calling within one minute of form completion, you can boost your conversion probability by 400%! In only 24-hours, that number falls to 27%. The faster you respond, the more quickly you will increase lead conversion and save yourself time.
  1. Understand your audience – One of the first steps to any successful marketing plan is creating client personas. In order to understand your leads, you must answer the right questions and collect data. Once you have these personas solidified, you will save yourself a lot of time only producing content that is interesting to your clients, therefore increasing your chances for lead conversion.
  1. Optimize landing pages: A highly effective landing page is one with a clear call to action. There should be only one reason the visitor has reached this page. Because of this focused goal, the content should be clear and concise, letting the visitor know exactly what to do once they’ve reached this page. To remove further distractions, it’s advised you remove all navigation from these pages. The more your visitors have to click, the less chance they will convert.
  1. Create CTA variations: Customers will reach these landing pages through a call-to-action button on your website. This button should clearly identify what you want the visitor to do. While you may have a few different CTAs on your website, it’s important to know which one works best.The best way to figure out what’s working is to create multiple CTA variations. Sometimes, the smallest change in design or text can produce great results. It’s possible your customers respond well to “free eBook” but not “new eBook”. While many marketers encourage red buttons, perhaps your customers convert better with the green button. Discovering these differences  will help you quickly identify what’s working and which CTA’s need to go.
  1. Use customer testimonials: Positive testimonials from existing customer and industry experts add trust and credibility to your company.Customers are more likely to convert when the chance of risk is reduced.  Think back to the last time you researched a new product online. Where did your search start? If you’re like most customers, it probably began with customer reviews. Customer testimonials provide  real, unbiased information. These testimonials are pieces of content potential customers are viewing before they reach out to your company therefore a worthy investment of your time. Once they are up and live on your website, you’ve set up a stand-alone lead conversion machine.

These are just a few lead conversions tips to save you time. What are some of your favorite lead conversion tricks?