inbound marketing mistakes, mistakes, mistake, inbound marketing, leads, customers

Inbound marketing is one of the most important jobs of a company. It takes a lot of innovation, creativity, and perseverance to keep up with your inbound marketing strategy. It would be nearly impossible for one company to be aware of every technique there is out there, even when you’re trying your absolute best. At the same time, it’s not too difficult to try and eliminate the things that are getting in the way of a successful inbound marketing approach.

If you’re hoping to bring in as many new leads as possible, then don’t make these inbound marketing mistakes.

A Messy Homepage

If you feel overwhelmed by all the work you have to do to keep up with your homepage, then it’s likely you have way too much going on. It’s also likely that your leads feel just as overwhelmed when they come to your site. Check to see if your homepage is too cluttered, whether or not your images are relevant, or if you’re taking too long to get your point across. Your website’s homepage should pass what is known as the “Blink Test,” meaning that those who visit your page should know in a “blink” whether they’re into it or not.

Not-Tailoring Your Content

Don’t make the mistake of not personalizing your content. If you do this, then your leads will feel as though you’re spamming them with unnecessary nonsense. While we know that you won’t have too much information gathered on your leads just yet, you will know your target audience. And, with Mission Suite, you’ll be able to see what how these leads are beginning to interact with your site. Go off that, then personalize your content.

inbound marketing mistakes, mistakes, mistake, inbound marketing, leads, customers

Sticking to Only One Channel

We’re really hoping you know this one, but if you’re just starting out or you need a reminder, this is it. Your message needs to be available on every kind of internet channel you can imagine. Some people are more into Twitter, others more into Facebook, and some are even more into Youtube. Some check their emails religiously, and others sign on once a week if they’re lucky. Make sure you access every branch of social media in order to bring in those leads.

Disregarding SEO

SEO is a very complex thing to understand. Some businesses are very familiar with it, while others might need to hire some extra help to implement it properly. SEO is how search engines recognize you, so that when someone Googles information that’s closely related to your company, your name goes close to the top of the page. While SEO certainly isn’t everything, it helps to use it as much as possible. Not using it would be a pretty big mistake.

inbound marketing mistakes, mistakes, mistake, inbound marketing, leads, customers

Failing to Integrate Multiple Strategies

Every aspect if a company’s existence involves researching what strategies are best. Most of the time, companies will have to keep trying an array of different strategies until they find a few that work well for them. When it comes to inbound marketing, it works much of the same way. There is not one strategy that is the answer to making you rich quick. It’s the implementation and integration of many strategies together. It’s trial and error and being an open ear to your current customers to see what’s worked for them. If you don’t try to tie in as many ideas as possible (without getting too crazy, of course), you’re doing yourself a huge disservice.

Is your current inbound marketing strategy working or do you think there are a few loose ends you need to tie up? Request a demo with Mission Suite and see how we can help you find the best solution for bringing in those leads.