CRM and inbound marketing

This week, United Airlines made headlines for their controversial stance on not allowing young pass holders to fly because of their attire. No matter what your stance is on the story, there’s no questioning how powerful social media was in bringing this story to light.

So, when it comes to a successful marketing campaign for your business, don’t forget the most important thing: Your customers. Sometimes, it’s not so much about bringing in new customers as it is keeping the old ones. Customers are the biggest driving force behind more leads or no leads. Without customers spreading the word about the positive experiences they’ve had, your marketing campaign isn’t worth very much. Likewise, customers have the power to spread their negative experiences, too.

If you want to bring in new leads with your inbound marketing campaign, make sure you’re paying attention. The Internet gives ordinary people the opportunity to have an extraordinary voice.

Are you listening to what they’re saying about you?

CRM and inbound marketing

What to Do About Those Bad Reviews

Nowadays, all it takes is one unhappy customer to take to the Internet and bash your company. It might sound harsh, but it’s the reality. And, it happens even to the best of companies…those who even have a reputation of unbeatable customer service.

So, why is it that one bad apple can recruit a bandwagon of brand boycotters?

Well, though it may seem like they have the power, you can fix it. Imagine you’re a potential customer that’s thinking of buying a service or product. Before you commit, you notice that there is a thread on Facebook about that. You decide to read the comments. (Because, who doesn’t love reading the comments?). Suddenly, you notice tons of people are saying this, that and the other thing about the company. It takes a matter of minutes, but you decide to not go with the company after all.

Now, when you’re the customer, it’s easy to see why we back out based on the words of a complete stranger. But, as the business owner, it’s frustrating. For one, you clearly upset a customer. But, now this customer is saying bad things about you, and others are jumping on.

So, what can you do? The only thing you can do. Reply to each customer that’s saying something negative. Apologize for their inconvenience, and offer to speak with them about the problem, offer a discount, or help in another way. They may or may not respond to it, but readers will see your efforts and take notice. They might think, “Okay, so this guy had a bad experience, but you know what, the company DOES care, and they’re trying to fix it.”

This approach can really influence what will happen with your next inbound marketing campaign.

CRM and inbound marketing

Turning the Conversation Elsewhere

People are easily manipulated to go one way or another. It doesn’t take long for something to get completely misconstrued, and people will believe the headline before they read the actual article. Hence, the United Airlines situation. But, as easily as someone can be convinced to believe something negative, they can also be convinced to believe the positives. And, when you already know your company is doing the right thing, it makes it much easier.

So, what can you do to take the attention of what people may be saying, and turn it into something positive? Start with having testimonials on your website that are authentic and original. Ask if these testimonial providers wouldn’t mind listing their email or website so people can know this is a real person.

In your inbound marketing campaign, make sure you highlight these positive experiences. Interview customers. Highlight good reviews. Offer incentives to those who will take a survey about your customer service.

Be Careful with Live Feeds

Some websites like to add their Twitter or Facebook feed right to their website, so people can easily say what’s being said about the company. It may seem like a good idea at first, but what happens when that one bad tweet appears, just as a new lead loads up your website? That won’t look good. It’s important that in addition to listening to what your customers are saying, you’re also careful to filter out anything that might go against you.

Don’t ignore your customers. Listen to what they are saying, and if anything unfavorable shows up, handle it with dignity and professionalism. Otherwise, your inbound marketing campaign won’t be very successful.

In the meantime, request a demo with Mission Suite to see how our marketing automation software can help you with your CRM and inbound marketing campaigns.