Do you want to pull the most success out of your digital marketing campaigns? Are you spending and spending but cant figure out the missing link? If so you may need to develop a better understanding of the top analytics for leveraging inbound marketing.

Leveraging inbound marketing can help you improve brand recognition, building interactions with new customers and raising sales but only if you can clearly analyze, interpret and make changes based off the data. Below are some basic analytics to help.

Top Analytics

For each channel you use to market your brand, there are numerous ways of leveraging inbound marketing. Become familiar with the top analytics in digital marketing, and use the data to make your brand’s marketing more effective.


Web Traffic — Traffic to your website is one of the biggest indicators that your inbound marketing is working, and it breaks down into a number of components. Here are just a few:

  • Website Hits: Whether they are from first-time or repeat viewers of your website. Tracking which pages are being viewed the most is another analytic that could help improve an overall website experience.
  • Inbound Links: Shows how customers are finding your website. May it be social media, email campaigns, blogging or other any other marketing campaigns.
  • Bounce Rate: Shows how many customers view your website then navigate away. Find out where they’re leaving and improve accordingly.
  • Average Session Duration: How long customers are spending with your content. Adjust your content for longer engagements or navigation to a landing page with a form.
  • Call-to-Action Views vs. Clicks %: Which will tell you the effectiveness of your CTA’s. CTA not getting clicks? This is a good determination that it needs to be overhauled.
  • Lead Conversion Rate: The number of viewers who click your call-to-action and complete a form. CTA working but not converting? You know what to do…


Subscribers — If you offer customers a newsletter or distribute other content regarding your products and services, the analytics will tell you if your content is working. Consider a few of these aspects:

  • Number of Subscribers: For mailing lists, blogs and other offers, which builds opportunities for customer engagement.
  • Unsubscribe Rates: Which occur when customers cancel subscriptions or opt out of specific content. If subscribers are leaving, maybe your content needs some improvement.
  • Click-Through Rate: Which is the number of customers that follow links through to your website. Get those CTA’s and landing pages on-point!
  • Marketing Surveys: Can tell you what customers find most appealing. When hitting a wall it never hurts to ask for suggestions.


Social Media Followers — Social media is an integral part of digital marketing, especially for companies who hope to build a larger customer base or attract new customers. On top of opportunities for paid and sponsored advertising, you should be familiar with social media analytics, including:

  • Impressions: Tells you how many consumers see your content.
  • Engagements: Gives you a way to know how many of those impressions are actually interacting with your content.
  • Shares: which indicate content that reached a consumer in such a way that they wanted to promote it. Basically, good content. Make more of this!

Leveraging inbound marketing is essential to growing your brand. Set goals for your digital marketing campaigns, and then make a plan to measure key analytics on every corner of the web.

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