When you’re in a consulting or service -based business model – especially in digital marketing –having robust processes in place is the key to have a sustainable business.

A systematic structure for tasks to obtain certain goals (set of marketing initiatives aligned with campaign objectives) is what prolongs businesses built in this ever-evolving field.

I’ve listed some of the most important web documents that somehow have helped us at Xight Interactive develop our own internal processes for Technical SEO, link building, content development and marketing, social media marketing, analytics and pretty much every strategy we’ve come up with within the inbound marketing realm.

So if you’re starting your own consulting agency, I strongly recommend the following guides, checklists and cheat sheets listed below.

Technical SEO Checklists, Cheat Sheets and Advanced Guides

The Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet by Moz

Moz Web Developer

This cheat sheet was originally developed by Danny Dover back in 2008, and is still continuously being updated by the awesome team at Moz. The extensive cheat sheet covers both basics and advanced practices in technical SEO, including:

  • Important HTML elements
  • HTTP status codes
  • Canonicalization
  • URL best practices
  • Search Console
  • Robot control syntax
  • Pagination
  • Social metadata
  • Rich snippet optimization
  • Implementing Structured Data/Schemas
  • Targeting Multiple Languages
  • Mobile Web Development and optimization

The Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors by Search Engine Land


The chart created by the team from SEL is also being continuously updated every time something new comes up in Google’s constant update on its ranking algorithm. The table is comprised of ranking factors under specific metric categories such as:

  • Content
  • Architecture
  • HTML
  • Trust
  • Links
  • Personal
  • Social

Search Engine Ranking Factors Expert Survey and Correlation Study by Moz

Moz holds a bi-annual expert survey – wherein they collaborate with 150 search marketing professionals from all over the world to determine which ranking signals are significant when optimizing websites.

The study focuses and dissects extensive groups/categories of the ranking metrics that Google is possibly using within their algorithm – mainly to identify which ones carry the most weight:

  • Domain-level, link authority features
  • Page-level link metrics
  • Page-level keyword and content-based metrics
  • Page-level, keyword agnostic features
  • User usage and traffic/query data
  • Domain level brand metrics
  • Domain level keyword usage
  • Domain-level, keyword agnostic features
  • Page-level social metrics

Google Algorithm Change History by Moz

google algorithm change history

A comprehensive list of the major algorithmic updates (like MayDay, Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, etc…) changes made by Google in the past that had the biggest impact on how optimizing websites for search evolved over time.

This list is continuously being updated by Moz, where consultants can refer to when conducting site audits related to algorithmic penalties and possible disadvantages for search rankings and generating organic traffic.

Local Search Ranking Factors by Moz

local search ranking factors

An annual correlation study, headed by David Mihm, which discusses the most important ranking signals for local search optimization. This study covers different aspects of Local SEO:

  • My Business signals
  • External Local signals
  • On-page signals
  • Link signals
  • Review signals
  • Social signals
  • Behavioral and mobile signals
  • Personalization signals
  • Negative ranking factors

The Definitive Resource and Strategy Guide for Local SEO by The Site Edge

local SEO guide

The Site Edge did a great job on building this resource. This comprehensive guide has all the necessary details/information any search marketer will need for Local SEO audit, analysis and implementation.

Searchmetrics’ Annual Correlation Analysis for Search Engine Ranking Factors

Yet another correlation study in determining which ranking factors stand out in Google’s ranking algorithm.

Although, this study’s methodology is different from Moz’s – wherein SearchMetrics rely on the data they’ve accumulated using their own resources to analyze 10,000 keywords (300,000 ranking URLs).

On-site SEO Cheat Sheet by Colinbancmedia

This basically covers all the important aspects of on-site SEO (for both sitewide and on-page-level optimization), which also includes information on how important each aspect is for SEO purposes.

The International SEO Checklist – by Aleyda Solis

international seo check list

Aleyda has listed all the key actions to take when optimizing a website for International SEO in this infographic.

25-point Website Usability Checklist by Dr. Pete

25-point website usability checklist

This checklist was published back in 2009, but is still very relevant to today’s optimization process. The checklist covers site usability audits for 4 different sections: Accessibility, Identity, Navigation and Content.

.htaccess Cheat Sheet

.htaccess cheat sheet

This web document lists all the major .htaccess rules. Another cheat sheet that’s also worth checking out is the one from The Jackol’s Den.

Google’s Advanced Search Operators – by Google Guide

google advanced search operators

List of search operators you can use for refined Google search results, which search marketers can use for finding link opportunities, content research, site audits, and competitive analysis. Although this list hasn’t been updated since 2007, there are some other lists that contain other new search operators:

mod_rewrite Cheat Sheet

mod_rewrite cheat sheet

This reference sheet lists directives for RewriteRule, RewriteCond, Redirects, Server Variables, URL mapping, handling query strings, as well as security and authorization.

The Advanced Guide to SEO – by QuickSprout

advanced guide to seo

Created by Neil Patel and Sujan Patel a couple of years back – the comprehensive guide is composed of 9 chapters that details almost all the necessary techniques to effectively execute SEO in any type of website.

Other Useful Resources:

Link Building Tactics (Complete List) – by Point Blank SEO

link building tactics - complete

The title says it all. This list of link building tactics from Jon Cooper has almost every link acquisition method any search marketer will ever need to learn.

And if you’re really serious about learning more about link building, you might also want to check out Jon’s link building course – which includes a lot of practical advice and easy-to-follow guides on the key processes required to perform effective link development campaigns.

The Essential DIY Guide to Successful Link Bait – by Voltier Creative


This infographic from Voltier Digital (which was acquired by BlueGlass Interactive back in 2012) had the biggest impact in my early days of my career as an SEO, particularly in better understanding the advanced concepts of link building.

The tips from this content from Voltier are pretty much applicable up to this day – which is why it belongs in this long list of useful cheat sheets.

SEO Guide to Creating Viral Linkbait and Infographics – by Ed Fry


Distilled’s Ed Fry (back when he was still an intern for the world-famous digital agency) did an awesome job in building this solid resource on creating viral link baits.

This extensive guide covers key processes in content development and promotion – from brainstorming, research and analysis, design & presentation up to publishing & sharing.

Link Building: The Definitive Guide – by Brian Dean

link building - definitive guide

One of the better ways to master link building in a shorter period of time is to get access to all important information in one place. Backlinko already did many of us a favor by gathering all the high-value link building tutorials on the web – covering topic areas such as:

  • Link building fundamentals
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Outreach
  • Guest blogging
  • Blackhat Techniques (to avoid)
  • Google Penguin updates
  • Link building resources
  • Creative link building
  • Case studies

The Advanced Guide to Link Building – by Neil Patel and Brian Dean

advanced guide to link building

A 12-chapter guide created by QuickSprout (with the help from Brian of Backlinko) – which focuses on advanced methodologies and processes in acquiring hard-to-replicate links.

Creating a Link Building Machine – by Ross Hudgens

link building machine

A presentation by Ross Hudgens back from 2011, which had also made a huge impact to my growth as a link builder.

Other useful resources:

Content Marketing Checklists, Cheat Sheets, and Advanced Guides

Content Marketing Checklist by Siege Media

content marketing checklist seige media

This is a simplified list of action items that’s highly recommended to be implemented by content marketers on any content asset they launch.

The interactive tool includes tasks under the 3 major content development/promotion processes: from idea generation, pre-launch and post-launch period.

Advanced Content Promotion Checklist by Jordan Van Hemert

Driving traffic to newly launched content assets is the other half that makes content marketing a very effective channel for many brands. This interactive checklist will help you keep the most crucial part of your content marketing campaign on track.

Content Marketing Persona Template by Content Marketing Institute


This is a detailed guide from CMI on how to create buyer personas (specifically for content marketing purposes), as well as on how to map these personas to the buying process.

Content Mapping Template by Content Marketing Institute

content mapping template

Another guide from CMI, that mainly discusses a 5-step content mapping process.

101 Copywriting Dos and Don’ts by CopyHackers

copywriting dos and donts

This free downloadable PDF copywriting guide lists 101 tips on how to effectively write copies for web, for better conversions and user activity.

The 87-point Sales Page Checklist by CopyHackers

sales page checklist

This is also a printable web document from CopyHackers that can help guide you on how to edit your sales pages appropriately.

Other useful resources:

Social Media Marketing Cheat Sheets, Checklists and Advanced Guides

A Complete Checklist for Social Media Managers


The checklist was created by Sprout Social’s social media manager – Darryl Villacorta, which lists tasks that managers usually do on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.

Social Media Checklist for your next update by Buffer


A 12-step check list written by Kevan Lee of Buffer.

2015 Social Media Image Sizes Guide

This infographic provides the recommended image sizes for the most popular social platforms businesses use for social media and online branding campaigns (including image sizes for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Linkedin, and YouTube).

Social Platform Cheat Sheet by 360i


This presents the complete overview of the things marketers should know about the major social networking sites they want to invest their efforts on.

Social Media Marketing Strategy Checklist by SproutSocial


Michael Patterson of Sprout Social listed a 7-step checklist guide on how to make sure that your social media marketing campaign will have a measurable impact to the brand’s overall strategy (in terms of business bottom line and objectives).

Other useful resources:

Analytics and CRO Checklists, Cheat Sheet and Advanced Guides

Regular Expressions for Google Analytics by Luna Metrics

regex for google analytics

This free PDF document by Robbin Steif discusses all the RegEx used in GA.

Complete Guide to Google Tag Manager by iPullRank

google tag manager guide

Michael King’s 13-chapter guide on implementing Google Tag Manager.

Universal Analytics Cheat Sheet by Nicholas Blexrud

universal analytics cheat sheet

A comprehensive list of configurations for Universal Analytics created by Nicholas Blexrud.

Google Analytics Cheat Sheet by Portent

google analytics cheat sheet

From setting up, link tagging, filters, goal tracking, and to other ninja tricks – this cheat sheet from Portent got you covered.

Sitewide Ecommerce Best Practices to A/B Test – by AcquireConvert


A 12-point checklist from AcquireConvert, which was based on how the best websites in the world perform split testing and optimize their landing pages to convert millions of visitors into customers.

Other useful resources:

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments section.