Finding new customers comes with tremendous costs. You need to come up with clever content and be ready to spend on PPC campaigns and still be ready to get only a few customers to make up for your efforts.

Outbound marketing inevitably relies on a high budget to produce results in the short run.

But if you want to lower costs and even make customers come to you for free, you need to create inbound marketing.

For this post, we’ll cover how you can build an inbound marketing strategy so that you get more customers with as little spending as possible.

Let’s dive in!

Why inbound marketing is the key to lower customer acquisition costs

Inbound marketing focuses on providing value through content so that your audience comes to you for help and support.

It’s about creating blog posts and social media content that’s nonpromotional. It works to engage more people through educational content without the immediate aim to convert people into buyers.

So, you might wonder, if we’re not focusing on getting more customers, then why do inbound marketing at all?

Here’s what you should know. Just because you aren’t pushing for more sales with inbound marketing, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get new customers. These are some things to consider:

  • Inbound marketing has long-term and long-lasting consequences: as your traffic grows, you’ll get more and more customers without creating content from scratch every time
  • When you create content for your relevant audience, the quality of your leads improves. You may get fewer leads than before but because they’re so qualified, your sales rate improves

Are you convinced by the importance of inbound marketing yet?

As in any business, you need to have a rounded approach to marketing. So, make sure you work on your inbound marketing to create the best effect.

5 inbound marketing strategies to get more customers

Here are the practical steps and tips you can use to keep your costs low in the long run but increase the number of customers you get.

Create free online courses

One of the best ways to improve your lead generation and lower long-term customer acquisition costs is to create online courses.

You can opt to use existing platforms like Udemy or Teachable. You also have the option of hosting your own online course using a membership plugin.

When you create a helpful online course, you’ll draw more people in and spread the word about your brand. But when you specifically create one of your own on your membership site, you also build leads and get to know your audience better – which increases your ability to get customers.

Build informative blog posts

Another way to channel your inbound marketing power is to create useful blog posts. This means coming up with content ideas and material that helps people achieve their goals rather than helping you get a new sale.

Here’s a specific example. I have products for creating optin popup and social proof notifications. But instead of building posts about these tools, we focus on conversion rate optimization and trust-building.

We create informative and non-promotional posts on our blog

It’s by answering questions that people ask and helping them solve their ultimate needs that you build inbound marketing.

Build leads with lead magnets

So far, I’ve shared how creating content is important to get more traffic. But if you want your anonymous traffic to turn into real customers, then you need to qualify them and also connect with them directly.

One important way to do this is to create lead magnets. The term is used for the marketing technique where you offer something for free to your audience and they simply drop their email to access your free gift.

Lead magnets include checklists, ebooks, free video content, and other digital downloadables.

Once you have a customer join your email list, you can then build them into real customers by sending them timely and useful email content.

Create free and limited products

One way to bring more inbound leads is to create a free version of your products. In my business, we offer many products with limited but essential features for free.

What this does is remove any sense of risk involved in buying our products. Once people download and use our free plugins, they’ll experience our offerings without spending anything. And in time, they’ll know enough to invest in more our products. And as they benefit from our free offerings, they’ll upgrade to a paid version later.

Free online webinars

Another way to build a buzz and bring more people into your business is to hold free useful webinars.

These can be educational webinars where you train people to achieve a goal. As you do this, you can build an email list with your registration form and get more details. And you’ll have more incoming people who will become future customers.

You can use platforms like Facebook’s Live option to host free, live webinars. You can also host one directly through video conferencing tools. Only make sure that you promote your event in advance and get more people to join up.


Inbound marketing is a necessary part of any business that wants to get customers and save money. Without such efforts, you’ll only build customers in the short run and will need to spend more money to make more.

With the tips and ideas mentioned above, you’ll get customers and grow your business too. So, start focusing on inbound marketing together with other approaches to create growth.