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One of the easiest ways to tell whether or not your inbound marketing strategy is working is by looking at your leads. If the number of leads you have is high, then you’re probably doing something right. But, what if we told you that there are others ways to understand your inbound marketing strategy, besides looking at your leads? After all, maybe what you think is a high number of leads may not be actually high, or vice versa. Therefore, looking at other determinates is crucial to measuring your inbound marketing strategy.

1. Check Your Email Campaigns

Take a look at your company’s email marketing campaigns and see what worked and what didn’t. The Mission Suite can help you analyze your email marketing and understand what you did differently, or what you should be doing differently in the future. Perhaps it was the images, perhaps it was the wording you used that helped or hindered your inbound marketing strategy. But, whatever it is, use that knowledge to constantly improve.

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2. Understand the Different Channels You Used (Or Didn’t Use)

Emails will always be one of the best ways to conduct inbound marketing. But, if your company has any experience, then it’s likely you’ve been using other methods to reach out to people, too. Social media is one of the most popular and common avenues to bring people in. If you’ve been using this outlet effectively, then you’ll know. Evaluate which one of your “shares” has had the most likes or positive feedback.

3. Pay Attention to Time

Responses to your inbound marketing strategy may not happen overnight. But, if they do, that’s something you really want to pay attention to. Likewise, if it’s taking a while for anyone to respond to any of your campaigns, then that’s important to note as well. Time is always of the essence, and it’s important to get an idea of when your potential leads are going to see your posts or open their emails.

inbound marketing strategy, time

4. Check Your To-Do Lists

Every successful and responsible company should write to-do lists as a company regarding inbound marketing, and encourage staff to write individual to-do lists as well. Then, after a given time, everyone should regroup and see if things were able to get checked off those lists. Use that information to understand how each period or quarter is doing based off the things on those checklists.

inbound marketing strategy, to do lists

5. Observe Your Content

If you’re trying to bring in leads effectively, then you should be creating content frequently. After showcasing your content, it’s important to observe what resonated with people and what didn’t. This is another way to measure whether or not your inbound marketing strategy is working. The more likes and shares your content gets, the more you should be repeating similar trends.

Though the amount of leads you’re getting is one way to tell if your business is doing well or not, there are other things you can look at. If you need some help with your inbound marketing strategy, then request a demo with Mission Suite today!