Inaugurate Your WebsiteLaunching a new website doesn’t exactly compare to a Presidential Inauguration. But after months of planning, design and development, launching a website is quite the achievement and something worth sharing with the world. Would you build a new house and not invite anyone over to see it? Of course not. Here are some ways you can spread the word and ‘inaugurate’ your new website.

Press Release

An online press release is a surefire way to announce a new and improved website. You’ll receive legitimate backlinks from a variety of news organizations and help drive traffic to your new site. You’ll have to pay for the press release but it’s an effective way to make major company announcements.


Emailing your existing database of contacts or customers informing then of your updated website is recommended. These are people familiar with your brand and interested in your product or service. Why not let them know you are improving all aspects of your company including your website? Email is also a good way to segment your database and highlight different aspects of your new website to different groups of contacts. Has your client login button moved? Better tell your regular customers about that. New look for your blog? Be sure to let your blog subscribers know.

Blog Post

A detailed blog post highlighting all the new functionality of your website not only provides fresh content for your blog but also serves as a built in press release for your website. Detail your reason for your new website, what’s better from the previous version and what’s yet to come if you are releasing your website in phases with Growth Driven Design.


A video, whether it’s an instructional walk through of all the new changes on your site or an interview with your CEO or Director of Marketing about the website, will help highlight your new website for visitors. Video interviews add a personal touch and give a behind the scenes view of what it takes to completely revamp a website.

Traditional Media

Don’t forget the power of traditional media in spreading the word about your new website. Whether it’s a radio or TV ad don’t be shy about asking listeners or viewers to visit your new website. You can even encourage them to redeem a special discount or offer by visiting a certain section of your website. Many people use the second screen on their mobile device to browse websites or research companies while watching TV or listening to the radio – use these browsing habits to your advantage.

After all the hard work that goes into a new website make sure you let people know how your improved website will benefit them. You wouldn’t build a house and tell no one. Don’t keep your fresh new website a secret either.