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Inbound marketing is a dynamic and constantly evolving process. This makes it hard to nail down a set of comprehensive inbound marketing techniques. With constant changes to search engine algorithms, social media, and industry trends there is no golden rule for inbound marketing. This might sound discouraging, but there is good news.

Despite the constant evolution of inbound marketing, there are a few Inbound marketing tactics that you can build your strategy around. Any inbound marketing strategy should combine these 5 tactics in order to drive traffic and generate high quality leads.

1. Know your buyer persona 

If you’re trying to catch a certain fish, it is important to know as much as possible about that fish right? We know your clients aren’t fish (at least we hope not), but this concept is a good metaphor for inbound marketing. Unlike outbound marketing, inbound marketing is implemented to specifically target a particular audience. In order to acquire your ideal leads, it is crucial to know your ideal customer. A buyer persona typically includes information such as:

  • age
  • location
  • job position
  • pain points
  • social media habits

Determining your buyer persona allows you to create content that appeals to a broad segment of like minded individuals and businesses. Persona’s allow you to place yourself in your target audiences’ shoes and get a glimpse of how they interact with products, media, and problems.

2. Create a marketing strategy

This is one of the most important aspects of the inbound methodology but it is overlooked in many cases. Inbound marketing strategies require a detailed understanding of your target markets pain points, and unique solutions for their problems. Once you have determined solutions, then it is possible to perform more thorough research to best reach your target audience. A sound marketing strategy utilizes deadline driven tasks and goals too accomplish a clearly defined goal.

3. Create interesting content 

Many companies are utilizing inbound marketing strategies in some form or another. Naturally, this means you have to create content that stands out from others. Good content is informative, throughtful, and exciting. Make it fun, and make it useful. Nobody wants to read an article or download something that is boring. Spruce your content up with cool designs, unique titles, and attention-grabbing topics. Combine anchor text like “how to” or “reasons why” with attention grabbing language to increase the amount of traffic and interaction with your content.

4. Interact and share with others

Everything in our world is subject to give and take. People are more willing to do things for others, when others are equally willing to do something for them. This is very helpful when utilizing inbound techniques to share your content. Be open to others when sharing. If someone shares your content, return the favor and share content of theirs. When potential customers view your content and see that you share and comment on others it leaves a good impression. It makes you appear more like a thought leader and less self-promotional. If you come across good content similar to yours, comment on it, and share it. Giving others the credit they deserve will make them much more inclined to like, share, and engage your content.

Don’t be a dinosaur. When it comes to your industry or your clients, be informed and stay informed. Understanding how trends in marketing, politics, and culture affect your target audience is of paramount importance. For example, if you have a client in the healthcare industry it would be wise to stay on top of new medical technologies, issues, or laws. Staying current, or even being able to predict trends, will allow you to

  • Create content that is relevant to new trends or changes
  • In some cases will allow you to stay ahead of your competition.
  • Give you more exposure

Different industries change at different paces. Staying in the know will help you generate leads and contribute meaningful content to any given topic.

Although inbound marketing tactics change frequently, these 5 basic fundementals can help you create a successful inbound marketing strategy. Despite constant evolution, creating content that is interesting and thoughtful, as well as engaging and sharing other content will always have a place in inbound marketing.