As more businesses complete the journey into the digital marketing space, determining what features and aspects are particularly important to implement can be daunting. From a social media presence to email marketing and website design, optimizing your business for the digital age is key to your success. Here are four companies that are utilizing their marketing budget seamlessly, and should be key examples of how to properly leverage your advertising budget.

Yankee Candle

The Yankee Candle Company, or simply Yankee Candle as it’s known by its thousands of #Fandles worldwide, has championed the transition from print to digital. You may not be able to scratch and sniff your smartphone or laptop as you can with the print version, their online catalogue is a prime example of how inventory can be properly displayed. Yankee’s graphically appealing website features a crisp, modern design featuring seasonal products while highlighting customer favorites. Yankee Candle has also established a strong social media presence across all major platforms, offering a host of contests catering to its loyal fan base, while also teasing upcoming scent reveals. They embraced new social media outlets like Snapchat before many of their rivals, and continue to expand their digital footprint.


Poppin, an online office goods retailer has some of the most consistent branding in the industry. Everything from their website copy to their emails to the box your order comes in is brand with the same tone, messaging and visual graphics. They’ve also got a website with a great UX design that does an awesome job of targeting their super specific buyer personas: one off retail purchasers, office suppliers and interior designers.


Sephora has an ultra modern, clean website that features special products under “Editor’s Pick” and new arrivals—making it incredibly easy for the user to stay on top of new and current trends. They’re also on top of the email game, sending out daily emails that are jam-packed with value that are tailored to the consumer’s needs. And last but not least, Sephora is one of the few companies who are truly leveraging Pinterest—they know that’s where their audience is, and they’re investing plastering that platform with their message and products.


In the crowded world of women’s fashion, ModCloth has set the digital bar. Back in 2014, the company pioneered the anti-airbrushing movement, by launching its Heroes Pledge for Advertisers. The petition pledged the company would “do our best not to change the shape, size, proportion, color and/or remove/enhance the physical features, of the people in our ads in post-production.” They also enlist their purchasers to send in photos in ModCloth clothing that can be used in upcoming marketing campaigns. Their social footprint, particularly on Twitter, produces relevant, dynamic content, even within the constraints of a 140 character limit! Their branding is consistent across all digital platforms, including their email marketing that contains a number of promo codes and incentives.