Looking to grow your sales online? Provide an inviting back-end offer!

Webinars and freebies are an excellent way to invite new prospects into your sales funnel, but where most people leave money on the table is forgetting to provide back-end offers.

Once people say “yes” to your back-end offer, they are much more likely to say “yes” to you.

Here are some techniques for creating back-end offers that drive sales:

Create a Back-End Offer That Converts

Perhaps you have seen top experts offering a copy of their book for $1 plus shipping and handling, or maybe you have signed up for a free on-demand webinar.

When you get a chance to learn something valuable for free, it’s exciting. But smart marketers know that getting you to sign up for that initial free offer is just the tip of the iceberg in the marketing funnel process.

After you sign up for that initial offering, it’s what comes next that’s the game changer.

Here are 3 ways you can make sure your back-end offer will convert:

  1. On the “Thank You” page that appears after they sign up for the initial free offer, provide an additional video explaining your up-sell offer.It can be a link to a mastermind program, an online event, a group coaching program, or a more in-depth product to help them reach their goal.
  2. Add an exit pop-up if they close out the site, which offers them a special discount if they buy the product right now.
  3. Follow up with an autoresponder that explains further about the upsell.It could read something like this:

    “I hope you enjoyed the training videos I sent you on High Engagement Facebook Tactics, which I sent as thanks for checking out my new book, ‘High Power Lead Generation with Facebook.’I also wanted you to invite you to register for my new advanced course.

    It’s all about how to hit higher levels of followers, engagement, and lead generation with little-known Facebook hacks for your business page.

    It’s what Facebook marketing can truly do for your business and it’s what the world’s most successful online brands are doing now.

    You’ll be blown away by what I reveal.

    Please view this video today, as registration will close soon on this special invitation only training.”

Back-End Offers Unleash the Profit Potential in Your Business

The bottom line is that you want to get a large volume of people on your email marketing list by making it inviting with an attractive free offering.

Then, once they trust you, have many items, products, and programs to offer them on the back end, and you will make a fortune online!

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