Customers love free stuff.

White_Brine_cheese_cubesYou don’t have to go far to see this in action. Visit a local grocery store and look for customers taking samples of free cheese.

We both know these freebies aren’t for charity. This is how companies bait the public—luring shoppers into buying their product.

The same theory applies to building an email list.

  • look for a problem
  • create a solution
  • publish it
  • ask readers to “learn more” by subscribing
  • rinse, repeat

People are more inclined to work with you if you share your knowledge with them for free.

It is as if they feel obliged to return the favor and end up asking how they can do business with you.

So today, I’m going to show you how to build an email list: the foundation of today’s businesses.

3 Ways to Build Your Email List Right Away

Guest Blogging

Joe Girard, the world’s greatest salesman, grew his reputation by one simple rule: Instead of working hard, work smart.

Likewise, instead of writing hundred – even thousands – of blog posts, why not go for gold and leverage someone else’s customer base?

That means less effort on your side while increasing traffic to your business.

The key is to find the type of blogs your prospects are visiting.

Then, simply pitch a topic you want to write about. In doing so, you funnel readers back to your site and into your list.

For more lesson about guest blogging, read Gregory Ciotti’s article where he discusses his guest blogging strategies.

Write an eBook

Have you published eBooks, whitepapers and case studies?

If not, you’re losing potential customers who would’ve probably done business with you had you put forth a little more effort.

Look, blog articles aren’t enough.

It’s like the customers are saying, “Flyers and brochures are nice, but can I have more than that?”

Lead magnets satisfy a customer’s need for information, and it takes your credibility to a whole new level.

In the words of Peep Laja, lead magnets (are) email list building on steroids.

Create an Email Course

Question: how many times have you downloaded a free eBook only to stash it away … never to be seen again?

I bet hundreds of times!

While eBooks are effective for capturing leads, it cannot guarantee you’re getting qualified buyers.

An email course is a different animal.

By enrolling in your course, customers are telling you that:

  • They’re serious about doing business with you
  • They’re most likely promote your business to their circle of influence
  • They’re most likely buy from you not once, but many times.

You can create an email course once and it will run for as long as you wish. You may have to update it every now and then, but the work required is minimal.

On to you …

I’d love to hear your thoughts on building an email list.

Also, if you’re looking for someone to optimize your website and draw traffic to your business, then shoot me a message through this link. I can offer expert advice on how to turn your website into a traffic-generating machine.