lw_paid_mediaLook, I get it. There’s no doubt inbound marketing works. All the content, social media posts and emails you’ve created will continue to pay you handsome rewards. Sometimes, though, you need a boost, a little jolt of marketing caffeine. That’s when paid media comes in handy. Here are some examples of when to inject paid media into your inound efforts.

To Promote Savings

Yesterday, was Prime Day at Amazon. They spent a bit on advertising to say the least. Even though you’re not Amazon, spending budget on paid media to promote discounts on your product or service is useful. You may want to tie in savings with a specific holiday or even time of year. If you’re an HVAC company and summer is the slow time for furnace installs now would be a good time to advertise a discount. AdRoll is a company that allows you to advertise across platforms and retarget users who are searching for specific items online.

To Announce New Content

Paid media can support the release of a new piece of content like a case study or ebook, especially if the content includes a new study or research results. We recently worked with a global training company to help their CEO release a book online. Because of their target market and desire for increased branding and thought leadership we purchased online ads on the Harvard Business Review blog. We also included our offer in an email sent by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) to select members. With these two tactics we were able to increase leads by 1000% in one month. Promoting new content that’s at the top of the funnel (TOFU) through paid media also helps you bring leads in into lead nurturing campaigns and move them through the buyer’s journey.

To Encourage A Specific Action

A recent client of ours wanted to capture 100,000 signatures through an online petition form dealing with a highly charged health care industry issue that will affect doctors and other health care practitioners this fall. We created burning platform ads on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter that encouraged stakeholders to sign the petition in order to be heard. Our Facebook paid media efforts proved to be very successful and were shared to encourage friends of friends to sign the petition.

Email as a Foundation

In all of the above efforts, we also emailed segmented contacts to alert them of the savings, content or specific action we wanted them to take. Just because you are opting for paid media doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use any other tools in your arsenal, especially email.

Remember, inbound marketing does take time. If you need a traffic boost around a specific event or campaign consider support from paid media ads.