We all know that in order to run a smooth operating business, each member of the team needs to work with one another with open communication, towards a common goal. This is sometimes easier said than done, especially when office politics come into play and corporate hierarchy is unclear.

Working In Unison

It may be easier to look at the individuals in your work teams like gears and rods. Each gear and rod has a different role in order to make the machine work, but you need all of them working together in unison to achieve proper movement. There is one thing that a well-oiled machine and your team should have in common, every part has an important role in the overall purpose.

So how do you build and keep a team unified? Let’s take a look at just three of the top ways.


Teams that are in proper alignment with the company vision and values will often be more motivated and productive as a unit.

Grow Together

Teams that grow together, stay together. Growing as a team where each member is excelling can show that they have worked towards a common goal, produce more energy and enthusiasm for their work.

  1. Providing each team member feedback and opening up the conversation to them, will help you get to know your business and practices better as well as assess each individual’s skills and abilities.
  2. Invest in the learning of team members allowing them to learn in groups will increase morale and generate new ideas.

Build A Community

Create a work environment that feels more like a community or a small family rather than just a place of work. This type of environment develops highly motivated teams.

  1. Work in collective groups, break out into brainstorm sessions.
  2. Take the time to have gun and enjoy team member’s milestones. Celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, and other achievements.
  3. Create an open dialogue with everyone and encourage the same among the team. Communication at every level is key.

A team unified is a team that is set up for success. Each member will be “solopreneurs” working collectively in the community for a grand purpose. Momentum and passion will occur through growth and all will be rewarded.