Millennials and Technology

Many people are unaware of the impact the younger generations will have on the overall workforce and the types of software and applications they will demand. This younger generation, also known as Generation Y, are the fastest growing generation at work with nearly 80 million individuals. Let’s set the scene of these tech-savvy millennials:

  • The average mobile user spends nearly 26 hours a month on social media apps
  • Mobile millennials spend almost an hour a day on Facebook [comScore]

How can we expect these individuals to shape the technology they demand in the workplace?

Due to the pervasiveness of social and mobile technologies, all generations now expect speed, efficiency and simplicity in the business applications they use at work. In addition, millennials will expect to be able to complete key transactions with their software from their tablet or smartphone device.

What does this mean for business software buyers?
In order for businesses to succeed they must ensure the software they implement throughout their business can cater for the future workforce and meet the changing demands of their business. Let’s take a look at a few of the software characteristics millennials are expected to demand:

Speed: As millennials have access to the information they demand at their fingertips, this requirement will also apply to their workplace. Due to this, businesses should consider solutions that can be accessed from smartphone and tablet devices, anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, these types of solutions will encourage more efficient and productive workforces. Check out our latest blog about how cloud technologies help companies avoid the effects of adverse weather conditions on business disruption.

Simplicity and Efficiency: No software users want to waste time re-keying information between separate systems meaning applications must be tailored for users and match the user experience of consumer applications. Re-keying information between systems can become unproductive and can lead to low staff morale. Modern software includes intuitive dashboards and interfaces to make it easier for users to successfully execute tasks and access the information they need to make informed business decisions at a quick glance.

Evolution of Mobile Apps

Eureka Solutions, the UK’s leading business software providers and developers, are a forward-thinking innovative business who offer a range of applications and software that directly benefit businesses and millennials. The fact that Eureka Solutions does not only understand the benefits of our market-leading systems we use them internally every day and we extensively know how these modern systems positively impact our efficiency, accuracy and productivity.

Take the number 1 cloud ERP solution – NetSuite – this system offers the first end-to-end cloud business management mobile app for smartphones running Android and iOS. With these applications, your staff can quickly and easily manage time and expenses, approve sales and purchase orders, create and manage records, access calendar functions and much more all from their fingertips. To illustrate this, some of the World’s most successful and dynamic companies use NetSuite every day including: GoPro, Thos. Baker and Hailo.

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